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Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and Alice sat across from Edward. "So wait, are you telling me that Edward wants us to stop acting like vampires at home because he thinks he found some girl he loves?" Rosalie asked harshly, slight annoyance in her voice. Edward smiled at how Alice completely had ignored what Rosalie had said. "Yes that will be fun, Bella is beautiful and plus I have a feeling she is going to be okay with our vampire ways." Edward was about to talk when Carlisle jumped in.

"We wont tell her right away. She is going through something tough right now. We need to act like a family. She needs family right now, nothing else so please." Carlisle smiled when his wife, Esme seemed to agree. "I'm excited to have another daughter." Esme stood up moving to go to the kitchen and clean up.

Emmett smiled, "Bella, god I'm excited. That girl really likes to blush, I love making her blush. Plus I think she is making mom happy to use the kitchen." he smirked though frowned when Rosalie glared at him, "Oh come on babes, you still have me." He kissed her making her forget the problem she was having.

Carlisle waited for the last person in the family to speak, Jasper though he just nodded slowly not sure on what to say. "Jasper will love her." Alice reassured everyone who was left. "Jasper come on we need to go shopping." the pixy like girl dragged him off making Edward sigh. "I think Alice is enough to scare her off."

Carlisle nodded, smiling at Edward. "Look, we can do this, We just need to talk to her." He said softly. He stood up, "I best go and stop Esme from cooking everything in the fridge" He chuckled walking in the kitchen.

Edward walked to the music room, the walls decorated with music notes and a simple black piano in the middle of the room. He sat down running his fingers over the keys before his eyes closed and started to play. He smile softly as the notes continued to hit him like a ton of bricks. He closed his eyes as he got more into the music, a soft hum escaping his lips letting himself hear it. He hadn't noticed his parents standing behind him listening as well.

Esme had a hand to her heart looking at Carlisle with a sweet smile. She leaned her head on Carlisle's shoulder, "It's beautiful." Carlisle nodded kissing her forehead.

Edward finished the words that escaped his lips when he finished was, "Bella's lullaby..." he looked at his parents, "She was my inspiration." He smiled, standing up and walking upstairs not waiting for his parents to say anything, he knew what they were thinking.

Esme looked at Carlisle, "My little boy." she shook her head and moved back into the kitchen, "Dont worry Carlisle I wont cook anything else." she assured causing Carlisle to give a small laugh. "I better go finish the sheets and then gather everything and go back to the hospital.


I couldn't help but continue to look out my window at the stars, there wasn't a lot but she enjoyed them anyways. She missed her family but she couldn't change what had happened. She smiled a little at the small memory drifting into her head.


"Hey Belly, come on downstairs." Charlie's voice called from downstairs. I smiled getting off of my bed running down, excited. "Dad, hey." I hugged him tightly. "You excited? Your birthday tomorrow." I hid a groan just as my mom walked into the kitchen kissing my forehead. "I'm excited my little girl is turning 13." She smiled at me, I looked exactly like my mother, brown hair pale figure.

I shook my head, I never liked my birthday, "Please nothing to big." I said, though couldnt help and find myself relaxed, watching my mom kiss my dad on the cheek. "Ok I got to go to school, can I go please?" I watched them both laugh.

~End Flashback~

I rubbed my eyes tiredly, It was a short memory but I loved it, I love hearing them happy. It was very rare with those two. "Bella?" I heard my name being called, I looked around for a while, "Oh Carlisle...when did you get here?"

He took a seat beside her, "For a while, but its alright you looked deep in thought. Are you hungry?"

"Not yet." I assured him. I watched his features, I don't know why but I could tell something was on his mind, he wanted to tell me something. "Carlisle...are you alright? You are beginning to scare me. Is something wrong?" I asked slowly, afraid for the answer.

Carlisle shook his head, "Bella I would like to speak with you about something important. But it needs to wait for tomorrow night, when Edward and my family come to see you. Is that alright?" he asked me.

I froze, I didn't get anything he said after he mentioned family and meeting me. I shook my head slowly, "Um, wait, your family is coming to see me?" I asked, almost frozen in my place. I shakily moved my brown hair behind my ear. "Alright." I managed out.

((Onto Chapter three as soon as people tell me what they think so far :D))

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Comment by Tamera M on August 21, 2010 at 4:44pm
WOW!! looking forward to next chapter.
Comment by Juliet Haliwell Hale on August 20, 2010 at 2:21pm
Comment by Helen Christoforou on August 17, 2010 at 2:50am
lol I will continue I promise.
Comment by Juliet Haliwell Hale on August 16, 2010 at 10:55pm
why to short!!!!!!
i loved it!!!!!!! keep going!!!!!!

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