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I paced back and forth, it was 2pm on a Sunday Evening, the weather in Forks was the usual cloudy with rain. Carlisle had came in earlier telling me that his family was coming earlier then he had expected since tonight I would most likely be to tired to talk. I couldn't really say anything since that was true, my legs were fine, it was the top half that was hurt the most, mostly my heart. I looked out the window, I don't really know why I kept looking out the window since I didn't know what their car looked like. They kept getting new expensive cars so I gave up a few years back on keeping track.

"Bella." I snapped my head in the direction the voice came from, making me shiver slightly. "Oh, Edward," I took a deep breath, that I hadn't realized I was holding. He looked generally concerned as he wrapped his cold arms around me, surprisingly not bothering my already cold figure. "Are you alright?" he whispered into my ear slowly making me shiver more.

"Edward, I'm fine your family here?"I questioned before smiling, realizing why I was acting so nervous. "Bella, relax they wont hurt you. So sit down." he said though lifted me up and placed me on the bed with a cover over me. "Esme is excited." He said softly.

As soon as he said that I saw Esme walk in and pulled me into a hug, "Hello Dear." she said, though her hug was warm and nice, very motherly it made my heart ache but I hugged her back, tightly. "Hi Esme." I whispered softly. I moved myself from her hug when I saw the others enter, I didn't realize when Carlisle and Edward said family it meant all of them. "Belly Bear!" Emmett's loud booming voice interrupted my thoughts as he almost crushed me, which caused me to wince.

"Emmett!" Carlisle's voice warned. "She is still injured from the accident." As soon as those words left Carlisle's mouth Emmett dropped his arms. "Sorry Belly. I honestly forgot." He smiled at me. They all took their seats around my bed, which made me even more nervous. "We need to talk." Carlisle said softly, though warmly meaning it was good news. "Bella, how would you like to come live with us?" Alice the pixy like girl asked. I looked at her for what seemed forever. I didn't exactly know what to say, I moved my head seeing everyone but Rosalie smile in my direction.

I opened my mouth to speak, not sure on what to say to that. "I...."

Edward came to my rescue, it was difficult to make a decision with so many staring at you. "I think we should leave Bella alone to think for a bit." Carlisle smiled, and nodded. "I agree with Edward, lets give her some space." They all left though I shocked all of them, including myself with who I asked to stay, "Can Rosalie stay please?" I asked slowly, Carlisle, Edward and Rosalie all staring at me, wondering what I was thinking. "I want to speak with her." I said softly.

Rosalie didn't complain, though stared at her parents in disbelief as they left her in the room. "What do you want?" She more or less snarled in my direction. I looked at her for what seemed like hours. I didn't open my mouth until she moved to leave. "Wait. Why do you hate me?" I asked slowly, my head was beginning to hurt and I just wanted some answers."

Rosalie looked as if she didn't know how to answer, did that mean I was just hated because or she really didn't hate me. "Bella, I never hated you." she said softly. Much softer then I expected. "Rosalie that isn't an answer...I dont want to live with you, if Im hated." I said softly. "Especially by you."

Rosalie looked at me, her eyes narrowing slightly but it seemed she was studying me. I looked at her, and our eyes seemed to connect before Rosalie sighed. "Bella, after my parents tell you what we are and you accept us. Then we can talk." I was confused by that statement. I didn't know what to think exactly about the part that she had completely walked away or that she just admitted, they weren't human.

Rosalie walked out, I watched her take Emmett's hand as the two left. Alice and Jasper leaving as well. I looked down when I saw Edward get up though he came to me. "Edward.." I moved hugging him gently. He was surprised, I noticed when he let out a slight gasp before hugging me back. "Rosalie didn't seem angry. She seemed calm." he stated, making me look at him. "She and I just had a little talk.." I said moving more into his cold arms.

Carlisle lead Esme back inside, "alright, so we can all speak now?" he said softly, his arm around Esme's waist. "Bella, what do you think?" he asked again.

I smiled at them slowly, "I want to live with you...I would love that." I answered slowly.

Edward pushed me back at arms length looking straight into my eyes. I felt an awkward silence break into the air. "Bella I...well my family and I have something to tell you."

"Does it have anything to do with you guys not being...normal?" I whispered. I know it sounded harshly but I wanted to know, I was curious.

I felt their eyes on me, it was starting to make me feel like I had said something wrong. "Rosalie said unless I knew the truth then she couldn't be nice to me." I tried to explain to them. It seemed to work.

Edward's eyes narrowed slightly in the direction of the door. He sighed, and it made the waiting worst.

Esme walked up to me gently placing a hand on my shoulder. "We are vampires Bella." She spoke, Carlisle, Edward and myself were surprised at how blunt she was for that.

"V-Vamp?...What?" I asked trying to grasp the information. "Vampires." I finally said to myself, after managing that word out. "So...I..okay." I said sitting down needing time to breath.

Carlisle sat on one side and Edward on my other side. "Are you..afraid?" Edward asked slowly. I looked at the three of them with a weak smile. "I'm not afraid of you guys, I'm a little shocked and...I just don't know what to say to that. It's big news." I spoke. I still couldn't grasp on what they said. Vampires, weren't they dangerous and killers? I had to stop thinking like that, Esme, the sweet mother figure kill? She would never harm me or any other human.

I felt Edward wrap his arm around my waist causing my eyes to meet his. "I....I think I feel more safe then scared." I smiled when Edward gave that beautiful goddess smile at me. "Yes, more safe." I said more to myself, though blushed when I heard Carlisle and Esme chuckle. I forgot they would be able to hear me.

Carlisle took Esme's hand in his as the two stood up, leaving Edward and myself on the bed. I don't think Edward had noticed his arm was still around my waist but who was I to complain? Esme kissed my head and looked at Carlisle, "I think we should give them some time alone."

Carlisle nodded gently kissing my head as well before walking out of the room. I turned to face Edward again, "So can you tell me a little about yourself?" I managed, though all I really wanted to do was lean over and kiss him. I stopped my thinking stream there, since when did I like Edward Cullen? I felt my heart quench at the thought, only like? It felt wrong to think that, it felt more it couldn't be.

I snapped out of my thought as Edward gently nudged me to see if I was listening. I looked at him, "sorry Edward I'm listening."

He smiled, "I want to talk about us." He looked at me, I was a little scared, did he hate me? Or....I was shocked when I felt his lips contact mine.

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Comment by Heather126 on August 27, 2010 at 9:29pm
More please! :)
Comment by Juliet Haliwell Hale on August 26, 2010 at 11:10pm
can't wait for more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Tamera M on August 21, 2010 at 4:49pm
Ok that was just wrong!!! NOW I'm hanging what happens next??? looking forward to more thanks
Comment by Helen Christoforou on August 20, 2010 at 4:04pm
:) thanks Im continuing chapter 3 and then going to chapter four, chapter three isn't finished just yet.
Comment by Juliet Haliwell Hale on August 20, 2010 at 3:06pm
it's awsom!!!!!!!!! and to interesting i can't wait chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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