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I got this from a group I'm a member of on MySpace and wanted to share it with you guys. Hope y'all like it!

squeals at the sight of a silver volvo.
wishes that they were bella swan.
would pick edward over jacob any day.
knows that you can't kill a vampire with a pitchfork.
believes deep down the cullen's exist.
slept outside barnes&noble august 1 to get breaking dawn at 12 am.
goes into a week long obsession and has non-stop "twilight" brain after reading the books for the 37th time.
swoons when edward is described.
pretends that when edward is talking to bella, he's really talking to you.
wishes bella would just turn into a vamp already.
has a new favorite gem...topaz. preferably liquid.
also likes onyx. :]
frequently forgets to breathe while reading twilight.
is dazzled by edward.
believes in edward and bella's love.
wishes edward was their lab partner.
wants to know what bella smells like to edward.
wants to know what edward's marble body feels like.
forgets to eat while reading.
when staring off into space, is thinking about twilight.
wonders what their special power would be if they turned into a vampire.
refuses to face the fact that edward is fictional.
in their spare time, comes up with theories for the next book.
when they see someone with dark eyes, they think, "hmm, they must be thirsty."
tries to see what character they might be like.
goes back and forth from hating, to loving, to hating jacob.
secretly wonders if their blood is appealing to vampires...and hope it is.
hears about murders and wonders if it is perhaps a newborn.
wants to punch charlie in the face for being rude to edward.
would gladly trade their life for bella's.
wants to punch bella in the face for not wanting to marry edward. immediately.
screamed when bella kissed jacob.
was driven mad by chapter 1 of midnight sun.
wants to visit forks...and search for the cullen house.
started using strawberry shampoo after reading twilight.
considered dying their hair when they saw that edward preferred brunettes.
constantly scares strangers by screaming and talking to them when they are reading the series in a book store.
has the most innocent conversation with their friends that always leads back to the edward vs. jacob debate.
tried to explain the black onyx eyes to their mom, and she called edward evil. you freaked out.
thinks of all the ways their boyfriend isn't like edward, and gets mad.
made the cullens, swans, and blacks on the sims.
checks twice a day for possible updates.
loves jacob to death, but knows he will never win.
wouldn't mind being imprinted by jacob.
has a whole scenario about what they would do if they met edward.
finds themselves comparing every guy to edward.
knows that vampires like baseball.
and also know that when it thunders, emmett is hitting a home run.
but remembers edward caught it.
has thought about finding a cliff to jump off to see if they hear edward's velvety voice.
cried when edward left.
kept crying while he was away.
rejoiced when alice came back. and knew edward wasn't far behind.
cried and grinned like an idiot when edward came back.
stayed up late to get breaking dawn.
read it for hours and hours.
read it again.
is intoxicated by the presence of a freakin' novel...
Twilight, the best series ever!

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