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Ok, so I wrote a song based off the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer . I plan on doing this with all the books in the series. I'm not sure about The Short Second Life of Bree , but I'll keep you guys updated! Well, here it is! Hope you like it! Plz comment!



V1: New school, new place, new friends I have to make

Eveyone here knows who I am

I swear he's been braggin' 'bout me

Nothing will be the same

Everyone here wants to meet me

Shy as I am, I tell them my name

Sitting there I see you

And I ask "Who are they?"

They say they are weird, they're not normal

They usually keep to themselves

They're all together, it's downright crazy

But maybe they'll adopt me

Chorus: I see you, and you take my breath away

All of a sudden, I can't look away

I start to wonder what it is about you that draws me in

Why you get under my skin

I try to stay away

'Cause they say it's not worth it;

it's a waste of my time

The way that you kissed me it should be a crime

But no matter how hard I fight

I'll always be stuck

In this twilight

V2: You told me you don't want to stay away anymore

I say then don't

Then I find out what you really are

The word gets stuck in my throat

We go back to your place and have a great time

You show me what you can do

And it blows my mind

Later we go play a friendly game

You say "It's the American pastime."

This should be fun!


Bridge: After a while, we meet some new 'friends'

We were scared to death like the world was gonna end

I was on the run, trying to get away

I tried to be the hero, but you came and saved the day

Just in time, you came

You said you would make the pain go away

V3: Now, I'm layin' here, waiting

Finally, it's all okay

I love you so much and I never want to be apart

 If we split up again it would break my heart

After I get home, you take me to dance

I can't stay mad, 'cause when I'm with you I'm in a trance

I want to be like you, you tell me no

You said you don't want to take away my soul

So for now, I am waiting, but I don't mind

'Cause I know that one day

I'll be one of your kind

I don't know where I'd be without you

I'm in the lucky few

If I hadn't seen you that first day

I never would've knew . . .

Chorus: (x2)


So whadd'ya think? Plz comment!!

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