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Twilight Triple Feature & my thoughts about the Eclipse Movie

Yesterday was finally the day I had been looking forward to such eagerly. It was time for the Eclipse movie premiere in Germany as part of the huge Twilight Triple Feature cinema event. After a great & sucessful shopping tour I went up to the cinema area at the Lago Center in Konstanz/Germany, very excitedly. The event was in a massive hall with incredibly huge screen - wahey! Me sitting very up at the front, seeing every tiny detail and sitting right in the middle of action.

At exactly 12am the event started with the "Twilight" movie, my fave one of the Twilight series so far. I just totally love the story about Edward and Bella getting to know each other, the problems Edward is having to stay near Bella and not killing her, the love that's growing between them. Comparing to the book which is totally fantastic I think they have made the movie very well. Mostly everything is completely like in the book. Adore the lion and lamb scene, so thoughtfull and romantic! <3 My other fave scenes: Edward playing the piano for Bella, the Baseball scene (so cool! love the music to it too), the fight scene with Edward and the bad vampire and of course the very last scene showing Edward and Bella dancing slowly and being in love. :) There's only one thing I would have changed a bit: in the book it is really really hard for Edward to sit next to Bella in school. I think Robert Pattison could have put more effort into that scene, showing more how much he suffers. Also Kristen needs to put more feeling into her role.

After a short break it was time for "New Moon" which also I had read the book and seen the movie before. This book was actually the first book ever that made me cry because it is such a sad story. And the way it's written, such detailed and thoughtful, makes you totally feel with Bella. I dislke the idea though of Edward leaving Bella like that and only coming back at the very end of the book when he wants to kill himself. But it's a great story. In the movie Kristen plays her part very well. That's what she's best in, playing somebody sad and upset. She's just that kind of person that fits in there isn't she? Loved Tayler Lautners acting too, such a happy, uplifting person. He's the perfect actor for Jacob! Again comparing to the book I think they have made the movie very good, very true, not changed too much. The highlight to me is the very ending where Bella runs through all red dressed people in Italy, trying to get to Edward and save him from death. Their reunion, kissing and hugging tensely. Other highlight: wolves chasing the bad red-head vampire, looks such real and great effects!

Wahey finally time for "Eclipse"! Since this was one of my fave Twilight books so far I was more than curious and excited about this movie. Now first of all: I totally loved the movie. BUT such as all Twilight movies I think the book is even better. I think in this movie too many things have been changed or were left out comparing to the book. My fave book scene with the bed - Edward started kissing Bella wildly, not wanting to have sex but just showing her a bit of the positive sides of having a bed - was changed totally though it was so much better in the book. The scene with all wolf pack people around the fire should have been more like a barbecue. In the movie it looks like a kinda business meeting. And the story about the background of the wolves was shortened way too much. What I totally adored was the tent scene - to me the best part of the movie! Taylor and Robert played their roles really amazingly. It's just the way I hoped it would be. Very glad they didn't change that or cut it shorter. The big fight scene was very actionful and great to watch, though some of the effects were (in my opinion) worse than in the other movies. Jasper and Emmet stood out this time. Loved seeing the background/past stories of Rosalie and Jasper. Love getting to know more about other people than Edward, Bella and Jacob. I truly hate Bella for kissing Jacob - how can she do this to Edward?! He deserves somebody better than her! Loved the end of the movie with Edward giving Bella the wedding ring and kissing & being in love. <3 All in all a truly entertaining movie with great acting and special effects. If you haven't read the book you'll find it totally amazing. If you have read the book you'll find it great! Gonna watch it again some times for sure. :)

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