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Twilight vs New Moon: Which Director Got the Visual Style Right?

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Its been a while since I posted my last blog, but going back to see what was new, I went looking for this blog to be already posted, but for my surprise it wasn't... and its a shame, its a great topic...

Twilight vs New Moon: Which Director Got the Visual Style Right?

In my opinion I prefer the characters how they are portrayed in new moon, they seem how I imagined them while I was reading the books...

That's my opinion, but whats your!!!... Don't be shy... is free to comment....



Twilight vs New Moon: Which Director Got the Visual Style Right?

Check out this amazing comparison of the look of each of the main characters from Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (1st, 3rd column) and Chris Weitz’s New Moon (2nd, 4th column).

Which do you prefer–are there certain characters that look better in one version or the other?


I liked this comment and Im posting it too... it basically summarize what I think about the pics!


My rundown:

Victoria: I'm going with NM on this one, the shot looks amazing but reserving judgement until I get a screen shot or clip though

Esme: I liked the Tw hairstyle, but definitely the makeup in NM

Laurent: NM NM NM. Wow, he looks spectacular, the eye effects alone had me, I didn't even realize there was a color difference the first time I saw it.

Bella: Well as neither of these pictures really capture the essence of who Bella is as a character at all I'm going to have to say that in the clips I like her NM wardrobe better. Do you see any of the clumsy vulnerable Bella in these shots?

Edward: Again, the Tw shot here looks amazing, but that's not a look that we really got for Edward in the film apart from the growling at the drunks in Port Royal scene. He's very youthful in twilight, befitting a 17 year old, but in New Moon in both wardrobe and face he looks like he's lived a century. I'm going to have to say NM...though I liked his more wild hair.

Jake: NM, period. Though he fit his character very well in both films. He's really two completely different characters, and I must say I like the Wolfboy better.

Alice: Apart from the Volterra horseblanket that will no longer be spoken of, New Moon wins hands down on the general look and wardrobe, but I think her Tw hair fits the character better. I like it better in NM, but it seems less "Alice" if you get what I'm saying.

Rosalie: Umm... that's tough at this point. The pics look like two different actresses entirely. I'll have to reserve judgement until I see some more clips.

Jasper: Tw hair easy, and that white jacket was just awesome. But otherwise the semi-starved look really fits the part. Ok so NM makeup and Tw hair.

Emmett: Again umm....his Tw look was great, and I need more to make an actual judgement. Really what I want is to get him some lines. He's so much fun in person and I want his character to be able to show that goofy Emmett from the books

Carlisle: I think the Tw look nailed it and NM is carrying on the tradition. There actually doesn't seem to be much change other than the yellow filter rather than blue. He looks great in both shots. Except for the hair. I liked the bleached look from Tw.

Source: New Moon Movie Site

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Comment by Elesha Sizemore on March 26, 2010 at 7:52pm
As the Eclispe movie is approaching, I am curious to see how the characters will look in this one. Will they be reminiscent of Twilight, with all the glamour but none of the pretensiousness, or New Moon, with plenty of both? I hope Twilight, the characters were more beautiful then.
Comment by evelynsun on August 19, 2009 at 7:50pm
i think new moon will be better
Comment by Nicole Perkins on August 10, 2009 at 2:55am
i think the characters in both movies look great but in the second the style would change because style changes every year. New moon i think did a great job of gettting the visual style right and so did twilight

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