The Twilight Saga

01) Why do you like Twilight?

02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?

03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?

04) Edward Cullen?

05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?

07) Why?

Please answer all to the best of your ability.
Some answers might go public, but this is mostly for curiosity's sake.

I like the Harry Potter series.
I do not like the Twilight series. And I have read them all.

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Comment by Monica Kelly on May 11, 2009 at 5:07pm
1) yes i like twilight main because of the romance, i love the story between edward and bella and the love they have for each. i lot like bella
2) No, die-hard HARRY POTTER FAN
3)The twilight movie was so bad it, makes me laugh, It was nothing like the book. If a harry potter more was that bad i would be so mad!!!
4)Edward Cullen-the perfect gentleman. even though he is he's too overprotective, he trys do that best for her, loves her the most, and trying to take care of her, i dont like beause he is hott.
5)dont care
7) harry potter is the better book, the people in the story are have more depth. JK Rolling can write circles around meyer. JK Rolling for creating an ENTIRE WORLD. Our fandom is much better Wizard Rock!!! Nothing is more obvious than a group of rabid HP fans at a HP-related event. Cloaks abound. Plastic wands are inevitable. House scarves and pointy hats are all too common. How's a Twilight fashionista supposed to express her love? Wear white powder on her face? No. Dont get me wrong i do love twilight, i just love harry potter more much more.

PS. I think since i read twilight i my harry potter addiction has grow. I neave thought about you and lilly and james as the 3 reship that neave happen, say you made up with lilly in your 7th year, and she was all ready with james. She would neave want to lose you as a friend, her best friend. And james would not want lilly hang out with you because he would think you would be danger to her. I neave thought about before read the twilight saga. so i write i love talking about harry potter.
Comment by Brandon on May 5, 2009 at 8:50pm
01) Why do you like Twilight?


02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?


03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?


04) Edward Cullen?


05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?

We are amazing.

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter.

07) Why?

Comment by vicki ♥s pepe juan! on May 1, 2009 at 3:08pm
1. Because it's the typical love story, with a magical twist.. plus, they describe Edward as something cloes tp the perfect man

2. Not a die-hard fan, i am a fan though

3. I think some parts were good, but others truly sucked, i also think they could've chosen better actors to play some characters (like Edward or Rosalie)

4. I think he really is a gentlemen, i mean, aside from all the stalking thing (that some find insulting), i think he is really patient and lovable, and blablabla

5. Everyone has their opinon, i mean, i don't feel good when someone insults something i love, but not everyone can think as i do

6. That's a good question... i love them both, but i prefer how Harry Potter ended, i mean, it was more realistic (even if we're talking about magicians and vampires XD)

7.Why? Because they're really too different, Twilight is more of a love story whilst Harry Potter is an adventure one, plus i loved every moment that Ginnny and Harry spent together as i loved every moment Bella and Edward had. But, in the end, i think Harry P wins by an inch... i mean, Ron is hilarious, and how he reacts with Hermione, it amazing... and JK Rowling knew how to connect all her books, in the first one appeared Siruis and then it was th efocus of the third one, and all the little details that happen through all the books are finally explained in the end... truly magnificent!
Comment by Kelly McComb on April 27, 2009 at 6:40pm
01) Why do you like Twilight?
i really like the storyline, and find the characters likeable

02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?
i am a big fan, but i am not a die-hard fan, i am a fan of other things more

03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?
it doesn't do t book justice, but i love it anyway

04) Edward Cullen?
he's almost perfect (L)

05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?
i have little thoughts on them, they are fans of other things i suppose?

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter always and forever

07) Why?
In my opinion it is a better series of books, and the clear winner in my opinion
I love harry potter books with all my heart
I doubt i will ever find another series of books i love more, ever, they are simply amazing!
Comment by Samantha Elizabeth on March 31, 2009 at 12:03am
01) Why do you like Twilight?: I enjoy Jacob's roll, all of the vampire/shape-shifter quarks and details, and the Volturi. It takes a basic idea of vampires and werewolves, and extends it out into a teenage love story/triangle. And, apparently, for some reason, I find it interesting lol :P

02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?: Eh, not die-hard, but a pretty big fan. It comes in phases though, I'm the type of person to be really into something for a bit and blab about it then find the next cool thing. I'll still follow the movies and the news once I've moved on from my own personal fads, but, the enthusiasm isn't nearly as obvious.

03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?: It was okay concidering. Good for book to movie, but still nothing amazing. Twilight was my least favorite of the books, though, so I'd imagine that would have something to do with it.

04) Edward Cullen?: Overall just a useless character. Over-protective, unpredictable, possessive, tempermental, and just ugh. It's supposed to be a big deal that he 'loves' Bella, but it all just sounds like puppy love when it all comes down to it, he barely knows her. Jacob knows her so much better, but yet Edward's the stud? Doesn't make sense. Vampires are over-rated. And no I'm not saying that because I'm Team Jacob and wanted her to pick him, I didn't, it's just stupid, lol. Bella is a moron too, they're perfect for eachother.

05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?: I don't really understand it? Based on the simple fact that the defination of the word part 'anti' is 'opposed or against', I don't see how you can be an against Twilight fan, lol. Anti-Twilight, or a Twilight fan, you can't really be both. Either way, I do think it's somewhat silly to waste your time truely hating something, but we're all guilty of that at some point or another. We as humans automatically feel an urge to critisize what we don't like, so, it's only natural. To each their own, whatever makes them happy. :P

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?: Hm, Harry Potter.

07) Why?: I grew up on Harry Potter, purchasing and reading the first book at age 7. I have some what of a sentimental attachment to it, and a lot of respect for the complexity of the series. Yes, it's a bit much with Voldemort always comming back, but, it was intricate in its own right, and also had a different kind of fan base than Twilight. Twilight made it big because it was a love story with a vampire, where as Harry Potter took just an average school kid, made him a wizard, and made millions. You expect it from Twilight, hormone crazed teenage girls will buy anything with cute boys in it and the word 'love' more than 5 times. Harry.. just totally different. I have respect for both but it's uncomparable, I don't really understand why there's a war between the two.

I tried to be thorough :P
Comment by Kagome on March 30, 2009 at 11:00pm
1. i don't know i like vampires and all that cool stuff
2. no just a real good fan
3. i think the book is better
4. i love Jasper and Carlisle answer ur question
5. they like what they like
7.because harry potter has all the things i love
Comment by Lex Meeks on March 29, 2009 at 4:50am
01) Why do you like Twilight?
Its just an over all nice story. Like Harry Potter

02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?

03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?
I liked it. Besides Stephenie Meyer had a huge hand in it, so in essence this was yet another one of her works.

04) Edward Cullen?
He's a vampire. Big whoop. He's fictional and isn't as perfect as many people think.

05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?
-shrug- to each his [or her] own

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?

07) Why?
Because I don't see a point in liking one more than the other. It's not like there's a war or competition between the two series. O.o They're both amazing series'. You either like them or you don't. -shrug-
Comment by Roseasauras-Athenian-Slytherin on March 29, 2009 at 4:45am
lol u asked me all of this
Comment by Alena_the_wolf on March 24, 2009 at 10:12pm
1. I like vamps and werewolves and the books totally own!
2. Yes.
3. I have the DVD but didn't get to watch it yet.
4. He's cool. I kinda like him but i'm not on his team.
5. I don't like them all that much.
6. twilight, duh!
7. Too many reasons. :D
Comment by noph on March 21, 2009 at 10:14am
why dont u like twilight?

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