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Hi there!
What a scorching day today. Sweats showered me all day long. *sigh.
Imma talk about today. i mean, school time.
So, as usual, I woke up at 5.3+. I on my PC for plurking. Had shower after that. Then, Bebeb phoned me just to say good morning (awww~:)). And blablabla.
Went school at 6.40. 7.40 until 10.10, was having all Pure Science. Physics was okay. Done covered the chapter bout Sound. Bio and Chemistry had presentations and will be continued tomorrow and Thursday. We had break until 10.30. The canteen is way better than before. (Y) Then, had English. Just doing SRA instead of having oral test. After that, POA. Just finished the Capital and Revenue expenditure. so far, it's okay but very confusing.
In the afternoon, there were English and POA extra classes. English was immensely FUN! we played this game called, 'Reading/Pronunciation=Chinese whispers.' It's a game where one of our friends read the given task and whisper it to another friend and he/she also do it in the same way (in case you don't know). We were given into 3 groups of 7. The winner will received $2 from Miss Didi. Silmi's group got a point. Abiem's got 2 points. While, mine, got an egg! HAHA. Yeah, Abiem's received $1 only because they were cheating during the game (Miss Didi said).
POA was just okay. Nothing much to tell.
And I went home at half past 3. Had a shower and had a nappppppppp.
Oh by the way, I've been thinking that, when I grow up, I wanna meet Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Stephenie Meyer. They are SUPERB!!Well, I better go now. It's 10 minutes left to 11 PM. Goodnight then!

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