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My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I live in Pheonix,AZ with my mom Rene. My mother got remarried and is starting a baseball legue with her new husband Jared so Im being forced to live with my father Charlie Swan in a small town called Forks,Washington. I begged my mom to let me stay with her and Jared. I've always thought of Forks as sort of small, and dull, and cold. I only lived there for a short amount of time. Although it is dull in a way its fun I kind of like it in forks its nice, quiet, peaceful.I spent nearly half of my life in Forks. Now I made my decission im going to live with Charlie in Forks. So my mom took me to the airport she asked me " Are you sure you want to go live with your dad in Forks." and i said "yes mom Im sure." "ok" i waved to my mom as I got on the plane and she waved back with her beautiful smile, one of the things I always admired about her. I knew I would miss her. "call me when you get there." she yelled. I wasnt even completely on the plane and I missed her already. I litterally paused at the entrance to the plane and stared back at my mom she smiled at me with tears in her eyes I almost cried too. With a slight small smile I turned around and walked into the plane and looked for my seat. Wen I finally found it I sat down thinking about what Forks was like I havent been to Forks in a long time, so I sat there trying to remember what Forks was like besides small, dull, and, cold. when I got to Forks I saw Charlie standing by his black cruiser which had a police symbol on the front passenger door that had Charlie leaning on it in his heavy black police jacket and black police uniform each one had a police badge on it. As i got of the plane charlie started to get a bigger smimlle with almost every step I took and also stood up straight I got a small smile on my face and then as I got to Charlie he grabbed my bags and said "Ill put these in the trunk for you." "thanks". We got into the car and then Charlie broke the long, akward silence after we left the airport -Im glad he did- "You know your mother really did raise you into a beautiful young lady." I looked back at him with a small smile. "How is she by the way, your mother" "good uum remaried" "yeah i heard about that". "Oh and before I forget I kind of got you a welcome back gift, You know so you can get to school and stuff." "You got me a car", "Well sort of I got you a truck.". "Uuuum thanks ch- dad.". I cant believe i almost called charlie ... charlie instead of dad, i dont want charlie to think that im not comfortable calling him dad. Its just that Im used to calling him charlie because thats all ive ever called him.

isabella marie swan

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