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I'd crazied about twilight three month.
i don't really believe that,because i had bought three Chinese copies,an English copy, a music CDand Twilight derictor's notbook.
And I never crazyed about novels before.
Then I will buy Twilight DVD on April 15.

I like Edward,Bella and Alice.
Especially Edward, I like him very much.
And I like Robert Pattinson too.

He is nice and cute.
The most important thing is Rob who is so handsome for me.

Resort to twilight, I started to read and sudy English.
I thought that will be good.

Today,I watched "The Notbook" movie in English.
I never did this before, but when I was watching it , I felt it's not difficult.
First, I thought it will be hard, but I'm wrong.
Then, I watched it until the End.

The movie was nice, but when Alice was old,she often forgot a lot of things sometimes.
Nauh was so sad,so he wrote their love story on the notebook.

Then he read it for her.

Nauh hope she can remmenber their love and who is he.
When Alice remmenbered him,a few minutes later,she forgot him.
Nauh's crying face let me so sad.

I don't know the End was good, or not?
But thier love story was really nice.

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