The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 One day the Martin family was watching the news. The only noise that was there was the howl of the wind and the low hum of the television. Mandy Sims, the weather reporter, was pointing to…

Chapter 1

One day the Martin family was watching the news. The only noise that was there was the howl of the wind and the low hum of the television. Mandy Sims, the weather reporter, was pointing to my city.
"And here you see the city the blizzard is going to hit. Any tips Tim?" Mandy said as she turned to the News reporter, Tim Moore.
"Yes Mandy. Actually Citizens I want you to head out and buy blankets. Store food. Ummmm Get clothes ready. Bundle up! This is going to be the blizzard of the century. I wish you guys the best of luck . Oh and if you have a basement I highly suggest you go down there!" Tim said
"Ok. Thanks Tim."
"No problem"
"Alright now to you Jeff with the News."
"Thanks Mandy. Alright and with the lastest Gang Action. Well they robbed the bank and shot at 4 citizens. Police officals are on their way to..." Jeff said and at that moment Bobby, my dad, hit "mute" on the remote. My mom started to hypervenilate.
"Mom. Chill" I whispered to her. Understanding why she was freaking out. I mean who wouldn't freak out when there's a gigantic blizard coming and who have 3 kids that are 19, 12, and 1. With me being the 19 year old. Oh I forgot to mention my name. I'm Adrine Martin. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was born some where in Northern Indiana. Not sure where really. My parents, Maryanne and Bobby, never told me. They just said, 'It's not inportant now, Adrine.' I hate it when they lie to me.
So I went upstairs to my laptop with my dog, Lilly, following close behind.When I got in my room my cat, Milo, was lying across my bed; sleeping. I went over to my laptop. It's on. Huh that's weird, I haven't been on it all day. That's when i realized... Someone had been in my room.

Chapter 2

I tried to come up with every person that it may be... It's not going too well.
Hey what's this? There is a document printing. It says:
Dear Adrine Martin,
You have been in my thoughts since the first day you were born. I love you forever. I will see you tonight. And after I'm done wih you you'll be with me forever.
Your Vamp,

One line I couldn't look away from. I couldn't. It's like it had a magnetic pull on me:
Your Vamp
Oh my gosh! Steven was right! He said exactly this:
'Rin I'm telling you Zac is a vampire! Did you see him cause i did! He was sucking the life out of that Lion at the Zoo!!!! I swear the way he looked at you like you were a snack! But he loves you?!'
He was right all along! Then why didn't I believe him! Oh my gosh I didn't believe my best friend! He's my best friend! What's wrong with me?!!
"Nothing is wrong with you Love." Zac said from behind me. I jumped like 50 feet in the air. "Sorry did I scare you?"
"N-No....S-So You're a V-Vampire?" I studdered
"Yes." Zac said clearly
" I want to join you. Bite me." I whispered
"Ok. Come."
I walked over to him and tilted my head back. He bent down like he was going to kiss me but instead he bit me. I screamed it hurt so bad. Thankfully my family was gone. He picked me up and ran me to his house. It was beautiful but i didn't care, I was in pain. That was all I noticed really. Please god kill me.
"I would never let him." Zac said
'Please.' I thought.
"No!" He nearly shouted
'Ok.' I thought.
"I'm sorry." Zac said
'Its ok. I love you.' I thought.
"You too. Now quit thinking and close your eyes. The pain is going to get a whole lot worse. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't of does this. What was I thinking! I'm such a moron!" He shouted
I wanted to tell him he wasn't but when I opened my mouth all I could do was scream. That's all that came out. I closed my mouth. Then a second later the scream was more high pitched. It hurt my ears and I can only imagine how it sounded to him.
"I'm sooo sorry." He sounded like he was crying but I looked over and no tears were coming out. He looked like he was but he wasn't. I knew he would be if he could.
All of a sudden it went black.......

Chapter 3

I opened my eyes and it was dark. I started freaking out. Zac must've heard me because he walked in. He came over and stared at me.
"What? Zac, why are you staring at me like that?"
No answer.
"Because. Because you are even more beautiful than before. I never thought that was ever possible" He replied
That did it. I was immediately Happy...Ok that is an understatement. And all of a sudden I heard a splash. I looked at Zac, confused. It was looking at me like I was suddenly a monster and really freakin scary.
"Rin...." He seemed speachless. So I took a chance of saying something.
"What?! What was that?! " I asked
"You..." He scrutinized my expression while i took that in. It must've been really bad because He ran over to me and suddenly was hugging me. He kissed my forehead.

Chapter 4

"Its ok.Its fine. But how did you do that? Only a couple of Vampires can do that. Except they can do more than just water. Hmmm..."He was thinking so I answered his Question.
"I don't know how I did that." He jumped a little when I talked. I appearently scared him."What you said made me Really Really happy. Then a second later I heard a splash. I honestly thought that it was you."
"But how? You couldn't have known it was you, but why water?"
"I don't know. But what I do know is that I love you and.."
He waited for me to go on.
"And...?" He said when I didn't say anything.
"You love me." I smiled with sparkling eys. Then all of a sudden he made that face again. I waited but I never heard a splash.
"What? The water again? Shouldn't you have expected that?"
"No...Well yes I should've I guess. But it was'nt water. It was..." He swallowed." Have you ever heard of Light Magic?" He asked. I wondered where that came from.
"Yeah a little. Isn't it when a Vampire, with the rare magic genes they get during the transformation, that I apperently have, uses their magic to somehow gather the light. Or something like that...?" I said. The last part wasn't really supposed to be a question. It just morphed into one.
"Yes but you forgot something very crutial. It takes a lot of focus. But a newborn doesn't ever have that much focus at the very most..." The last part was a whisper. But with my new stronger hearing, I had no problem hearing it.
"What was that about newborns?" I asked. I was very puzzled.
" That they usually have no focus?" He was watching my face and I shook my head no. He must've figured out. "Oh. You mean Why I was talking about that. You see well, uh, How do I put this? Well, uh, you, uh, did Light Magic..." He was watching my face. Then he made that face again. God I hated that! He looked at me like I was some creepy freak. That made me feel really upset. Then I heard a quiet sucking of air. No human could've heard it but I could. I turned around. There was a purpleish-black swirl of clouds behind me. It was terrifying but right then I wasn't scared. I was totally shocked. With that feeling of sadness disappearing it shrinked like it was the sadness. It got much smaller like it was the sadness. Then I forced my mouth to move.
"" I asked. It was only a whisper but I knew he could hear it.
"Have you ever heard of Dark Magic?" He said changing the subject. At least that was what I thought.
"Yes. Its the opposite of light magic. Zac, What's that have to do with anything?" I asked suspicious.
"You just did that. Rin, what were you feeling?"
"I don't know about 2 minutes before you heard it."
"OH. You looking at me that way made me feel really upset.Yo looked at me like i was some creepy freak. It hurt to have you keep doing that." I explained. It was just a tiny whisper. I was in a corner at the other side of the room. He had been pushed by his fear of my Magic. We were about, oh i don't know, about 50...60 feet apart. Then I looked to where he was,blicked, then he was right infront of me. He put his index finger under my chin to make me look up at him. Then he was kissing me. It seemed apologetic but also a little sad. He pulled back. But he took me in a hug.
"You are not a creepy freak. I don't think that. I would never think that. Im sorry you thought that." He kissed me again.I rested my head on his chest.
"Can we go lay down?" I asked.

Chapter 5

We got to his room and we went to his bed. He removed his arm from my waist. I sighed.
"I'll be right back." He laughed. He pulled me into a kiss, obviously trying to distract me. It worked. He didn't have to do much to suceed with that. He pulled away. Chuckled once. Then left the room. I laid back on the bed.
"Wow." I sighed. Why couldn't he do that more often. I was rolled on my side. Sometime when I was thinking, he had crept up the bed to lay next to me.
"Im back my love." He whispered in my ear. I jumped like 20 feet in the air. He chuckled and I rolled over.
"That wasn't nice." I whispered."But I don't mind."
"Hmmm." He must have thought about what I was thinking. Trying to guess, I supposed. I kissed him fiercly but softly and slowly. He caught up pretty quick.
"Wow. That was...Wow. Best 2 hours of my life." I mumbled against his chest.
"I can't think of anything better to say." Zac murmured against the back of my neck.
You can do anything you want. I thought to him. He slid away. I stoped him with a kiss. I stoped for a second to say something.
"Not that, Zac. Not ever that." I whispered with my lips still on his. I started kissing him again but after about 5 minutes he stopped.
"Zac..." I complained when he started sliding away.
" I'll be right back. I promise. Don't worry I'm not going to sneak out to some strip club." He said. He gave me a "quick" kiss. If quick means an estimated 10 minutes than yeah it was pretty quick. I giggled. He pulled back to look at me, smiling at me. He had the most wonderful smile. It was my favorite crooked smile. I smiled at him. We were surrounded by gold light.
"Ahh Light Magic." He sighed.
"Hmmm." I Mumbled in agreement.
"He grbbed his shirt and a new pair of pants. He grabbed some faded Blue Jeans. He got changed in our closet. He pulled a hanger off of my side when he was dressed. It had one of thos bag things around it. It was obviously a dress because the bag was long. He unzipped it as he approached me. He handed it to me. It was one of my favorites. It was a soft light pink dress. With a very detailed Gold Design. It was a very beautiful. I started to put it on. One of his friends had sent it to me from Greece. There was a note in the box he sent me. It read:

Dear Adrine,
Zac has said alot of things about you. All good. He showed me a picture of you and so I thought of how good you'd look in pink. So I designed this Gown for you. Hope you like it. Live long and Prosper Adrine.
Your Greek Designer,

Zac got a little ticked at that but I didn't see why. I thought it was very poliet.I finished getting dressed. I looked up and Zac was watching me.
"Can you help me zip this up?" I asked. He walked over and zipped it up. When he finished I turned around and put my arms around his waist.
"Thank you." I said.
"No problem." He said stiffly.
"You are sad. I can sense it. Why are you sad my love?" I asked.
"You were thinking about Mason."
"I was yes.I already told you Zac. There is no need to be jealous. He was just trying to-"
"Not that, Rin." He interupted.
"Then what?"
"He...He...He's dead." His voice broke on the last word.
"What?! Oh my god. Oh honey.Im so sorry. Its ok. Its ok." I comforted him. I looked at him. He was looking at me. Thanks in his eyes.
I love you. I thought. The he kissed me in one of those kisses that stop time and make your heart stop. Best thing about it is that I didn't have to stop gasping for air. I didn't need it. Then we started inching towards the bed. When we got there, we lied down in the middle of the bed. We were lying on our sides, about an inch or two between us. I scooted closer, closing the distance. I wraped my arms around his neck. About 30 minutes later Zac, still kissing me, was the one to break the silence.
"Rin..." Zac murmured. I knew what he was going to say. So I sighed, and we stood up, still kissing. About 20 minutes after kissing we both pulled away smiling. My arms moved from his neck to his waist.I laid my head against his chest. We sighed.
"See you in a little." He sighed and I guessed it was because he had to leave.I didn't know where he was going and I felt sad and scared. Then a smalled twister Formed in front of us. It twisted in a circle surrounding us.I was also mad. A a ring of Fire became a little border on the out side of the Twister's little boundry. Ice covered the open gape where the open door was. Zac looked around us. He sighed.

Chapter 6

"Rin. Stop it." He said.
"NO! YOU WILL NOT LEAVE!" I screamed at him. Ok, I admit I was overreacting about it. But I had my reasons, right? At least I think I did. He sighed.
"I promise I will come back. There is nothing that could keep me away from here." He promised. I made the Twister slow then disappear.
"Good." He was trying to calm me. He pulled out of my grip and the Twister appeared again. He sighed.
"You can't hold me forever." He said, trying to prove a point. But it wasn't going to work.
"Yes I Can!" I said.
"Darn it! You're right."
"Always am." I said. He growled. "Oh stop it. We both know that you won't hurt me."
"Yeah. You're right...Again." He laughed. Then he whispered,"I love you forever."
He was good. The Twister disappeared again. He kissed me. The fire disappeared because I threw water at it.
"Don't worry. I will e back before you get done taking a shower." He kissed my forehead. Half of the ice disappeared.
"I love you." I said.
"As I do you." He said. A ripple of ice went down my spine. "More than you know."
That was it. That did it. I got off the bed and stood in front of him. He was sitting on the edge watching me. I took his face in my hands and kissed him. He stopped.
"Adrine I have to go sometime." He said.
"You're right. Go ahead." He got off the bed kissed me andwalked towards the door. When he was just outside the door, my powers went insane with my sadness.The door froze over, thicker than before. Then rocks flew in threw the window and all over the wall, forming like a second layer of wall. Then they caught fire. I was sitting on the floor with my head down and my hands on the floor. There was an earthquake. I had made it. It was worse than the highest rating. The house crumpled. A thick, heavy piece of ceiling was falling straight above me. I formed a sheild of ice, rock, wood, and already fallen pieces of ceiling but I had made It invisible. I looked to my side and where the wall used to be was replaced by Ice. I saw Zac Trying to rip it away. He looked like he was yelling. I focused really hard on listening. But instead of hearing him yell I heard his thoughts. He was thinking that he couldn't hear my thoughts any more. I had to reassure him. I focused even harder.
Zac? Zac, Can you hear me? I thought. He stopped and looked at me. He was freaking out. Then he screamed my name. I lost all my focus. I lost my connection to his mind. I saw him following something with his eyes. I looked up. It was that giant piece of cieling I'd completely forgotten about. Then it hit. A ton of dust went up. I was ok. I was scared so I triend to burn it but instead I melted the ice. It just finished melting. Zac was froze where he was. My eyes were closed. But I made the dust go away faster. Not by much though. Zac had moved. He was screaming my name. So I figured the dust wasn't all the way down. The storm was still Ragging so I figured since It WAS a storm, wind wouldn't be that noticable. I made it blow really hard. I figured the dust was gone because Zac stoped walking. He'd seen me. He saw I was ok. I blew wind inside my small invisible sheild. All of a sudden Ice shards, rocks, wood, and ceiling peices blew away from me. Zac was scared out of his mind. I looked towards him. I ran to him. He was terrified. When I got to him I hugged him. He flinched. I focused on getting in his mind. I did. Oh my god. He flinched because he thought I was going to hurt him. I let go and stood up straight. I was frozen in my spot just like Zac.

Chapter 7

No. Please god no. I knew he heard it in his mind because well that's where I was.
"Rin...How...?" He asked slowly. He wasn't that afraid anymore when he realized I wasn't a zombie.
"I channeled it. I channeled the powers. I did it...for you. I thought about how it would hurt you. How much did you see before?" I asked.
"All of it. Five minutes I stood against the wall by the door thinking about how much you hurt. Then it started. All of a sudden The was Ice growing thicker. It stopped after five seconds. I immediatly knew it was you. this was all you. I looked through the Ice and saw you on the floor. Palms on the ground. Then you made an earthquake. A little bit later I couldn't hear your thoughts. I was freaking out. Then I heard you. Well your thoughts...Your thoughts in my head. You were in my head. I was watching you when you were in my head. You looked like you were saying the stuff yourself but I knew you weren't. How did you live through alll that ceiling?" He asked.
"I formed a sheild. But I made it invisible. It was made of Ice, rocks, wood, and other fallen pieces of ceiling. So you aren't afraid of me any more?" I asked.
"No." He said. Then he hugged me. "You have more powers than the others. Than anyone before them."
"Um Zac...Uh you know how you said there were others and there are a couple left?"
"Yeah. What about it?"
The two others that are left are....My Brothers'. He froze.
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked in a whisper.
"It was for your own good. I swear I wanted to! I really truly did! They told me not to tell you because It was safer for us and you. I told them I was going to tell you when I had too. When our love depended on it. I didn't tell you because I love you too much." It was all a whisper.
Please don't hate me. I looked down. He lifted my chin with his finger and kissed me. The storm stopped and It became sunny outside. We pulled back to look at each other.
"I will never ever hate you." He said. We smiled and kissed again. With the kiss getting longer the sungot hotter. It reached 110 degrees. He pulled away and stared at my skin. He was in shock. Instead of sparkling the same color as him and the other vampires I sparkled like a rainbow. It was one color to the next. Each color lasted two seconds. I was mezmarizing. I was beautiful.

Chapter 8

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