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How I got this way is a just what I want to find out. I seem to feel like the same me but I just am a little different on the outside. I used to have a real dark brown color to my hair but whatever happened to me seems to like the raven black hair better. I used to have an easy build, sort of soft but just a pinch harder in the build, but now I have a hard, muscular build that’s   not to buff but just enough to look intimidating to others. My eating habit is way different because I don’t eat food anymore, and if I have to it has to be raw because my body can’t hold down the cooked food. When I eat I go after my own food directly from the woods, and freshly caught. How I am is just something that happened to a innocent person that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Death is always around me and it will never go away as long as I have this curse, and it seems as if this curse likes who it owns because I have had it for a long, long, time and it doesn’t ever think of leaving. Being Samantha Kachiri McCarty is becoming deadly.


“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” I turned around just in enough time to see who it was. It was that guy who thinks he owns the world or something. I just turn around and continue walking down the street with the cars always going “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” I walk across the little curvy sidewalk with the sun beating down on my back while looking through the windows in the tiny stores that were so close to each other they were almost laying on top of each other. I come to the corner I need and turn around it finally see the object of my goal. A little store called one in one million snuggled in between a Bed & Bath and an electronics store. I saw it in the ads in the newspaper and thought just the title sounded pretty good to me. I feel as if someone was following me so look behind and the guy is still following me but I guess he just realized I’m not the one he’s looking for because he suddenly walks away in a different direction. I feel relived for just an instance but that feeling went away because excitement came over me. This was it and I was going in the place. As I walk in the door the tiny bell attached to it rings indicating there is a customer and the lady at the cash register puts down her book and says the usual saying you’d hear in every store “Hello, if there’s anything you need just let me know.” I say thanks and tell her if there’s anything she’d be the first to know. I walk around and was amazed at all of the stuff there was in the tiny place. I come across what I need and grab the choker necklace with a beautiful crescent moon that has red around the edge with the core of the crescent being black with a miniscual diamond in the lower part of the crescent, and blue was at the tips of it. A chain winds around the moon as if in harmony with it. I still wasn’t done shopping so I walk around looking at all the stuff and something feels as if it is personally calling out my name but I can’t seem to find it. I tried to find where it was coming from but nothing came to absolute nothing, until I walk around a sunglasses rack stand, and in the back there is a tiny book shelf filled with books. I see in the middle of the second shelf that there was a journal that even by looks you could tell was old. It had a thin leather cord that wrapped around the journal three or four times and the cover around it had cracked everywhere, looked dusty and smelled like something died inside the book. I walk to pick it up and take a closer look at it, and it seems as if the book itself had a vibe that felt sort of dark and mysterious all on its own. I held it a little longer and then my hand tingled and that was my limit to a creepy day. I decided then it was time to go and with the book and the necklace, I walk up to the cash register and put my things on the counter. “Is this all for you ma’am?” the lady at the cash register said. Lamely I said, “Yea, I believe so.” With a bored look she said, “Your total is seventeen dollars and thirty-two cents.” I pay the lady a twenty dollar bill and tell her my name is Samantha McCarty and ask her how her day has been, you know, the usual talk between buyer and seller. “Every day I deal with people who are just rude or just too nice that it’s at the point of scary,” she sighs and counts my change then adds “I’m Maggie and I don’t have a last name, every day sucks and this world is creepy. Your change is two dollars and sixty-eighty cents, have a nice day.” I guess she wanted me to leave fast because she was probably at a real good part in her book since she ended up picking it up again. I say “Bye” and walk out the door and the tiny bell jingles again. I head out the door and walk outside into the heat, down the street and after a few blocks I see my house and head to the door, open it and walk in only to find my best friend with her arms crossed in the hallway with a look that could very well sizzle me to the floor boards then into a puddle if I haven’t thought ahead that this conversation would happen. I was prepared and ready but what she did surprised me so good I felt as if I had died from my jump I made when she yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMANTHA!” I just started to giggle so hard I felt a little lightheaded, and turned around to shut the door and see that creepy man again hiding in the small bushes across the street from my house. I thought he left me alone but I guessed not. I decided to call the police to make him identify his self and leave me alone but he ran away as if he heard my thought about the police. I shake my head and shut the door and bolt it as if that strange man might melt through it or something. Every time I look at that man I get the strange creepy feeling I get when I look at that journal. I turn around and plant a fake smile on my face and join in the surprise birthday group that hid in the living room being startled once again. The party lasted all day and most of the night. I never thought it would be my last night as me, just plain Samantha Kachiri McCarty. “Hey how’s the party?” my best friend said to my blank face. “Oh it’s the bomb, like nothing ever before seen in the birthday world!” As I said this it seemed to please her a lot considering that she seemed to take a lot of time and thinking to pull this off. Well she can think that but I know that she called in a little help but none the less she did pull off a stupendous birthday that no one can out-do. She went to check on the cake she was making so I let her go do her business and preoccupied myself with a few people. A little later into the party with everyone chatting up as storm I decided to go look out the window. I was still looking out the window and up at the moon that is never out in the black night sky freckled with tiny stars that sparkle and I was becoming mesmerized when I lost track of time. That’s when I heard “Hey b-girl hows the party making you feel right now ?” I jumped and my best friend, James, with his tousled blonde hair and bright green eyes started to laugh at my expression because he scared me to death and thought it was funny. I was about to make some smart retort when James put in “Yea, thought so.” I just looked at him and said “Ha, Ha, Ha, you’re so very funny.” I stuck my tongue at him and he mirrored me. We just started laughing really hard and hugged each other while still laughing at the same time. I pull away first and he has a sly look on his face that I instantly did not trust. “What are you about to do James?” “I’m just going to give you a present you might like to have for a long while.” He hands me a gold and silver wrapped box about the size of my fist but just a little bigger, and just smiles as if it might explode in my face. I didn’t trust the box but I start to open it anyway and I am stopped by his huge hand and he looks around, then at me and quickly puts his lips to my ear like he was about to tell me a secret and whispers in my ear real lightly as if someone other than me should hear “I think it would be best if you open it where you are alone later, well if Cameron will leave you alone.” He pulls back giggling and looks at my expression then just says in a soothing voice “trust me, it will do you good.” He winked at me then says he was going to get a drink then was leaving to go home because his mom was going to want him home earlier tonight and he knows better than to disobey her, so he tells me happy birthday and says “Remember, no peeking unless your alone later, just have fun and enjoy the party CrazyCam made you.” (We, me and James, had always called Cameron CrazyCam because she always believed that Elvis was taken by aliens and werewolves are real.) Well, that conversation James gave me was a lot different. Usually he just boasts about how well he can run and how attractive he believes he is. That conversation didn’t stop me from enjoying the party and so I partied like an animal until Cameron decided it was time for the cake. Cameron told everyone who wanted some cake that they better settle down and the ones who didn’t want a piece should settle down anyway because it was my time to shine for the cake that she apparently made. Cameron disappeared into the kitchen and everyone in the living room made their way to the medium-sized dining room and sat or stood wherever they could fit and they put me at the head of the table with everybody else fitting around the dining table just calming down from all of the dancing and singing. As Cameron came in she told someone that was close to the light switch to turn it off while she brought the cake out, and when the light was out she lit the candle with the number 16 in the middle of the cake as it burned to life and when she came through the doorway the cake automatically lit itself as if it had bright green sparklers or something, and when the murmurs and awe sounded around the room she just looked a little smug and excitement mashed together, not one emotion over ruling the other. The cake was just beyond beautiful, I knew that CrazyCam was going to school taking classes in bakery ,that nerd, but I just did not expect that her class was going so well. She saw my shock and awe at the cake and only smiled to herself for getting such an expression out of me. The cake was at least three stories high, and had a big glowing red and white number 16 candle on top, but that was not what put me into shock. It was the glow-in-the-dark icing she put on it and bless her it was my favorite color, super bright green. She was getting satisfaction out of the staring but her weird niceness got the best of her and she told everyone to stop looking at the cake and look at the b-day girl and sing Happy Birthday to me. They went into the chorus of Happy Birthday! with CrazyCam singing in her beautiful voice of hers, and then said “Hey, come here and make a wish and then blow out your candle Sammy!” I did what she told me to do and went to the out-of-the-world-like cake and made a wish (not that I’m going to tell anyone it) and blew out the candle and then hugged my CrazyCam and told her this cake was just beyond unbelievable. She laughed and told me “Just wait until you try the cake!” We all got back to our seats and eagerly waited for her to come back with the cake knife and watched with surprise at how fast she cut the cake. It wasn’t until we all had a piece of it, and after we just about died and gone to heaven, that we understood how she could cut a cake like that. There are two reasons why, one: she was taking classes to do what she is doing now and two: she made the cake so smooth and soft it was no wonder that she could cut it like that. After we all got back down to earth after the cake CrazyCam decided that it was then time to open the presents then. “Time to open thy presents young Sammy!” CrazyCam said as she pointed to me but told everyone else in the room. As we move back to the living room someone behind me put a blindfold over my eyes. The hands that put the blindfold on me felt like a guy but I am sometimes wrong on that part. I always felt a little Closter phobic when someone put me in a position that I was either blind can’t hear, or I can’t speak because of the fact that I use all of those senses if I am ever in trouble and need assistance if anybody is around me and would help. So as I am lead into the living room I try to see through the blindfold and can’t see anything. I knew this was all part of CrazyCam’s ploy to keep me in the dark so I won’t get the full impact of all the presents until I am blind and ready to see them. Someone sits me down on what felt like the couch and told me to sit still for a minute and then I could take off the blindfold when Cameron said so. That took about five to six minutes and during that time I heard some shuffling and a few grunts that made me giggle a little. After the sounds went away Cameron said “O.K you can take the blindfold off.” When I did this and saw the mountainous heap of presents I just sat with my mouth open like I saw something die, or a few things among those lines. “Wow” was all I could get out of my mouth. Pleased with herself she gave me my first present when she thought I was able to hold it. The present was a shoe-size box that had white wrapping and a golden ribbon wrapped around it being complete with a tiny shimmery silver bow. I opened it to find a pair of silver flats that came from Cameron. I look at my best friend with a huge smile because when me and Cameron passed by a shoe store I saw them in the window and was going to go in and buy them but my CrazyCam told me I forgot to bring my money and I told her one day I will get them. She looked back at me from the crowed room and just knew what I was thinking and told me “I thought you would like them.” As the time passed away I’d taken the time to thanks everyone for their presents and when it was time for them to go I said good-bye to every last person that came because if they took the time to come to my birthday party they should at least get a personal farewell from me. I told Cameron as she was about to leave that this birthday will never be forgotten and that she was the best friend anyone would literally die for. As I get to the living room to clean up the mess that I knew was left behind I was surprised once again that the rooms we used was as clean as it was before we used them. I shook my head and thought to myself I should buy those stilettoes she wanted. I went to my room and sat down on the bed and for the first time in a while laughed at nothing until I had cried because I was so happy, and didn’t want that to end but time finally one over and I had to take a shower. As I got what I needed for a shower I saw on my bed James’ present he gave me. I forgot I had put it in here and left it there to be awaiting my presence to open it. I decided that I would take a shower and then come back out here and open it. I picked it up and put it near the pillows so it would be easier to find in all this clutter in my room. I head in the bathroom and shut the door and start to take a shower never realizing that there was a light near my pillows lighting my bedroom a light green color. This was getting close to my last minutes as Samantha Kichiri McCarty, and unaware of what was about to happen I seemed to feel happier than I have ever been in my entire life as just plain old me.




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