The Twilight Saga

Capter 8:
A month after Courtney was bitten, she had a round and swollen bell, her and Kai were on summer break from school which they were no going back too. Her and Kai were going to be homeschooled by Courtney's mother. Kai smiled when a very slow and grouchy Courtney walked into the hidden park. Courtney growled at Kai's smiled she was due to have her pups anyday now, she and Kai managed to pull off a vet visit,Kai acting like her owner as she was a wolf.She was going to have five pups.Courtney sighed when she layed down uder the dry shelter house, Kai layed beside her.Courtney yawned and layed on her side and then she had a pain in the stomach and she gave birth to five pups.
Kai was shocked that they had came the fast,he started licking them to help Courtney clean them.Courtney layed her head down, she was tired from giving birth. Kai sighed and licked Courtney too, he loved his mate to death.

Chapter 9:
After a few weeks, the pups had grown to the size of Kai.They named them Ryan,Devon,Colby,Katie, and Rayleigh. Courtney smiled at Kai, she loved him so much,she never wanted to lose him.Kai smiled back and nuzzled her.He was happy that she was his but he felt like he was goung to lose her sometime.He didn't want to think about that but,he couldn't help it.
Then it happened while Courtney was getting a drink of water, a hunter was aiming at her! Courtney was unaware of him. The hunter aimed and fired, hitting her in the chest, thus causing her to yelp and drop to the ground. Kai heard her and ran to her, and shifted and picked her up and ran her to the vet,they rused her into surgery.

Chapter 10:
After her surgery, Courtney had to be put down.Kai cried and cried, he didn't want to lose her. The vet went to the snarling Kai and took his paw and slipped a needle into his vein. Kai surrendered to the stupid vet. The vet waited, Kai then knew he wanted to have his kids to have one parent come home tonight.Kai walked out of the vets office, then once at the woods Andy attacked.
Kai snarled and attacked, Ansy met Kai's attack headon. Kai knocked Andy to the ground, then jumped back when Andy tried to claw his eye out. Courtney in the mean time was not dead, her body's healing process had blacked the drugs. She was able to stand and howl. Kai heard her howl, he thought it was his ears playing her howl to give him what he wanted, Courtney. After the fight with Andy, Kai couldn't shift for a few weeks.

Chapter 11:
Courtney had gotten herself out of the vet's office and was running to the woods, her white fur showing bright against the black night. At this time Kai was watching Courtney's mom feed the pups. He whinned and walked away, till he came to a den, he went in. Courtney looked in the den Kai went into and barked.
Kai jumped and yelled "Courtney! Your not dead!" Kai said. "Nope my healing process blocked the drugs they gave me."Courtney said. Kai smiled and licked her face, tail wagging the whole time. Courtney licked him back and layed down and wagged her tail happily.

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