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Once in a place in Ohio, lived a boy and girl. The boy Kai Edwards had red-brown hair that he kept kind of long. He had a secret, he was a werewolf, he was the only one, or so he thought. Now the girl Courtney Moore would become on later on, she was a tall girl but not as tall as Kai, she had long brown hair and brown eyes. They were both 16, and went to different schools, well before Kai ran away from home when he became a werewolf. Courtney was emo and cut but she only cut when she was really mad, so very rarley. Kai was too but you couldn't tell. Once Kai became a werewolf in New York he ran away from home and to Ohio. And there he was to meet her ...

Chapter 1

Courtney walked into the school bored. She was wanting the day to be over already,so she could go out on a hike. "Courtney!Have you seen the new kid?" Her best emo/scene friend Lisa Blackwell asked. "We got another new kid?"Courtney asked lamely. "Yeah and he is cute too."Lisa gushed. Courtney groaned and shut out Lisa's boy-crazy chatter. Courtney and Lisa walked into the office to hand in some papers and Lisa said "there he is, isn't he cute?" "Lisa you know I'm not boy ... hello!"Courtney said as the new kid walked up behind her. "Hello."Kai said, he smiled and he walked away. As Kai walked away he had an odd feeling in his chest, he wanted to go back and run off with one of them and he was hoping is wasn't the chatty girl, but the quiet girl.

Chapter 2

Courtney and Lisa were walking to class. Lisa had math, and Courtney had creative writing. Kai was walking to his math class, he seen that he had that class with the one girl's friend, but he didn't feel weird around her.Lisa sat next to him, she smiled and said" hello I'm Lisa Blackwell." Kai smiled and said" I'm Kai Edwards, nice to meet you." "Yeah have you made any friends yet? If not you can hang out with me and Courtney!" Lish said."No your the first person to really talk to me, and I'd love too hang out with you and your friend." Kai said. "Cool and okay, Courtney has creative writing right now she is good at the sort of stuff and also really good at art which she has next."Lisa said. "Oh was it that girl who was with you in the office?"Kai asked. "Yes it was, she is wanting this day to be over already, so she can hike in the woods."Lisa said. "Oh really I might see her in the woods then."Kai said.Lisa nodded as the teacher called the class to order.

Chapter 3.

Courtney walked to her next class, which was her second favortie class, Art 2. She shared the class with the new kid. Kai walked in and sat next to her, somehow knowing she was the one he would be with forever, well his body did, he didn't know it yet. Courtney looked up at him then back to the picture of a huge wolf she had taken the week before. The wolf had the look of a Husky only gold not rusty red like a Husky. Kai suddenly reconized it was him as a werewolf. Courtney seen him tense up, she asked "what?" "Nothing that wolf looks like the same one that took my little cousin." "Oh sorry, I took the pic last week in the woods at a place I like to hike at."Courtney said. "It's okay, I just don't like the fact that there is a lone wolf here."Kai said. Courtney nodded and looked at the teacher when she came in.

Chapter 4.

By lunch Courtney had on her headphone string jacket. her hair down hiding them as her, Lisa, and now Kai walked to the lunch room, Courtney had her ipod on and was rocking out to her favorites song. Lisa unaware of Courtney's new toy was chatting at her, Kai was aware and said "I don't think she can hear you Lisa, right Courtney?" "Huh?" Courtney asked taking her right headphone out.
Lisa glared at Courtney and said " how your getting away with that now, I don't know!" Courtney laughed and said "my hair hides it Lisa." Kai laughed and said "Courtney I'm going to laugh when they figure out that you have sting headphones." "Kai do you have a fever?" Courtney asked when some kid shoved her into his arm. "No I just run a little hotter than most people."Kai said. "Oh okay Kai."Courtney said. Kai smiled and put an arm around Courtney's shoulers. Courtney smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. Kai, Courtney, and Lisa walked to lunch.

Chapter 5:
After school Courtney,Lisa, and Kai walked home together. Courtney and Kai dropped Lisa off at her house. Courtney smiled as Lisa left,she grabbed Kai's hand, Kai looked at their hands, he smiled and walked her home. Once she was inside he walked to the woods and shifted into a wolf.

Courtney was getting ready to go on her hike. She had her jacket on, the one with the headphones in the strings and out, unaware that Kai was out there. She walked to the woods and to a hidden park in the woods.

Kai was a wolf and then seen some other guys shift, he seen the one that seemed to be the leader. Kai was shocked that he could hear them talk. Then he heard they were going to bite Courtney and make her a werewolf and that the leader was going to make her alpha female. Kai growled and ran to find Courtney, hoping that the others weren't following him. But they were and he was leading them right to her.

Courtney made her way and then she was at the park,she sat on a swing and started singing. She had no clue what was fast coming at her, all she knew was that something was coming. She sighed and thought about how mad the 12th grader Andy Whitmore was at her after she refused to go out with him.

Kai broke into the park and seen Courtney. He ran over to the sitting girl and barked tring to get her to understand but it was to late. The pack was here and the alpha male had Courtney on the ground, he had his jaws around her neck and bit her.

Chapter 6:
Courtney was shocked, the wolf that was biting her neck, she tried to fight. Then a husky looking gold wolf attacked the one that was biting her neck. Kai knew that the change was not taking affect.But he knew he would have to change her. Kai fought off the wolves and ran to Courtney, shifted, wishing he didn't have to do it."Courtney, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to make you a werewolf." Kai said and leaned down and sunk his teeth into Courtney's neck, thus changing her into a werewolf.
Courtney whinned, but let him, even though her neck really hurt bad.Kai finished the change and picked her p and carried her home.Courtney looked up at him and then buried her head in his chest. "I know it hurts but if I didn't do it you wolud of died." Kai said. "What did you do to me?"Courtney asked. "I made you a werewolf."Kai said and he could feel he had found his mate.

Chapter 7:
After a few days Courtney and Kai were working on her shifting. Courtney as a werewolf was a rare color, she was white with shocking blue eyes. Kai had told her what he felt around her,and asked her is she would be his mate, and was jumping around like a happy puppy when she said yes. Courtney smiled and licked his face and didn't stop. Kai was doing the same thing only he was making his way to her back, Courtney knowing what he was going to do moved her tail to the side.Kai mounted her and mated with her. Courtney smiled and licked him all over his face.Kai smiled and licked her ears. Courtney tackled him to the ground, she left him when she was called home, she ran and came back shifted,Kai was too, Courtney smiled and kissed him.Kai kissed her back and he smiled and hugged her.

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