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What is the meaning of valentine's day?
Well to me valentine's day is a day where you can tell that special someone how you love them. Valentine's day is the day where you can find that special someone. It's a day where you can find out if that guy or girl that you've been crushing on likes you to. You can admit you fellings without geting hurt.
So to all those couples out there I would just like to say congradulations to you and I wish you all the happieness in the world and I want you to know that you have been given a very valuable thing in life and that is love and I trust that you love and cherish one another. And to those who haven't found that special someone keep looking because that special someone is out there.
So coment on what you think valentines means to you.
And for those who are die hard Twilight fans you will notice that I had quoted Irean from in Breaking Dawn Part 1 from the special features.

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