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Yesterday was HOT in Portland but not just because of the sun or the 90+ degree weather. It was HOT because several stars from Twilight were here and playing baseball and having a great time. We had a lot of the locals who are no less amazing. Ayanna Berkshire was there, as was Logan Welch, Catherine Grimmel, Solomon Trimble, Sean McGrath, Gavin Bristol and more as well as Peter Facinelli, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Michael Welch, Alex Moraz, Christian Serratos, and Kiowa Gordan. The day started off with fans playing baseball against each other for a few innings, videos that the fans had made to win a chance at playing at the stadium, as well as fun commentary and a few prizes. There was a blood drive going on as well while we all waited for the actors to come out.When all of the actors came out to practice the crowd went nuts. They came out a few at a time wearing baseball pants and shirts. The girls had on black shorts and baseball type shirts as well. Most of the girls ditched the shirts later on in favor of white tee shirts. I cant say that I blame them as it was extremely hot there and they probably wanted to wear as little as possible. I know most of the crowd felt that way and we weren't even playing baseball! :)Hot or not though the actors put on a great game and would come out of the dugouts to let the fans get pictures and also talk to them! Peter was a ham as usual as was Rachelle and Edi. A lot of the crowd got their first good looks at Alex and Kiowa and we were not disappointed! :) Girls they are HOT! I cant imagine them as wolves but they make some HOT ball players! :)After a few innings of baseball the actors went inside to freshen up after which they met us all later for autographs and photo opportunities. All of the actors were very friendly and nice and really took the time to talk with the fans and get to know a little about them while signing anything from shirts to photos, twilight books and purses! :)It was a great time all together though it ended much too soon.After the event we ran home to cool off and get a bite to eat before returning for some Beavers baseball against Colorado. The game was amazing and thank goodness it had cooled off! :) The Beavers lost which was too bad because the game had some great plays! Logan and a lot of the locals had stuck around to watch the game and were gracious enough to come out of the sky box to say HI to a group of fans that had been waving at them and yelling for them to come down. Sadly enough he got mobbed when he did. Now I am a huge fan of Twilight but come on guys leave the poor dude alone. He had women grabbing his shirt as he was trying to retreat with little Catherine on his back. She looked scared as he kept trying to leave only to get grabbed or cornered on the steps of the stadium. I know he was trying to be nice to the fans but they went a bit overboard. I sent him an apology e-mail when I got home and promised better security when he comes to our event in August! After that though he seemed to be enjoying himself as they went out on the field after the game to watch the fireworks display! It was beautiful and choreographed very well! All in all guys it was a great day and a great 4th! If I had to do it over again I would! Now the sad part is I have to wait until August to see some of them again and I wish we could have them all! Maybe they will show up anyway! :) I wish! I posted a few pictures of this in my albums and there will be more on my website!have a great evening and I will catch you guys soon! Oh and how rude as I for got to ask. Did you guys have a great 4th?? Let me know.Elisa

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