The Twilight Saga

beethoven turned me nuts. so i turned it off

i parked my car in the forest entry.

my phone rang.

Mike, my best friend, again.

"What?" i said.

"Just assuring you, you are not going into the forest"

"I am in it, now. walking through it, wandering, admiring it, why you don´t want me in it?"

"There´s something you wouldn´t understand," i found deception in his voice.

"yeah, whatever that´s why i am turning 16 tomorrow remember?"

"Don´t make it harder for me, please, i´m begging, i´ll be there in 20 minutes, don´t go," he said.

"Sure," i sighed.

i waited 15 long minutes, i saw him come.

it would be nice to play like kids again.

i ran into the forest, i saw him from the tip of my eye, yelling me don´t.

someone grabbed me and pulled me with duch a strenght.

"Mike please, help me ," i screamed.

"Do not dare to touch her, or i´ll ripp your headofff, and eat it with human blood," he threatened.

"Well, too late," the man turned my face to his, he was so beautiful, just like Mike. wait, where they..

"are yopu vam..pires," i whispered.

"we have an intelligent newborn," the man laughed.

"leave her, now," Leandro.

"Too late for that, son."

he kissed my neck.

i was trying with all my forces to escape but he was so strong.

i had to act.

was he going to wra...

i bit his face.

he whispered something.

and mike just yelled at him.

i screamed. he bit me.

the pain was searing.

then he bit my wrist.

i started yelling mike´s name and screaming the pain was so searing.

i starte begging god to kill me.

i fel some cold handson me.

"Gulianna, please, my love, resist i bebb you all this pain will get over,"

"I want to die," i whispered. i couldn´t stop crying.

pain, pain, pain.

TO BE CONTINUED............................................

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