The Twilight Saga

1.Rachel-Jasper or Carlisle cause he would probably be soft.
2. Jeka rock- vamipire kiss (emmet, edward,carlisle)
3. Stacey Clifford - Vampire kiss ( edward)
4. Halie Cullen ~vamire kiss ~Edward of course i like someone to take advantage:]
5. Lola Cullen~- Vampire kiss (Edward, Emmett Jasper Carlisle)
6. Vampire Knight Luver- Vampire Kiss-but not by twilight ppl(Vampire Knight Zero or Kaname)
7. Renesmee Carlie Cullen- Vampire Kiss-Edward! Werewolve Bite-Jacob!
8. Team Swit
9. Annie Cullen- Vampire bite by Edward!!!
10. Sara Jameson - vampire bite from Edward!! duh! =]
11. the real bella cullen vampire kiss edward
12. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen**vampire kiss of course from Edward Cullen
13. Mrs.Carlie Cullen-Edwared KISS and Jacob BITE!!=D

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