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What does valentines day have to do with vampires?Well both start with V and because when you hear both words you think red but,for  different reasons.When you think vampires you think red because you know they drink blood.When you think of Valentines day you think of red because well it is the collor of a <3.So what is another reason they are related?Well there are a couple.Like Edward he loves Bella and on Valentines day don't you think of love too?And on Valentines day like Edward I HATE IT or I HATE HIM!I know some of you like Valentines day but i don't.First of all why do you need flowers or chocolates just so you know someone loves you.You know someone loves you because they care for you even when there are bad times.Edward is kinda like that he left in the bad times like when he said,"my dad is staying young while everyone else ages so now i must leave.This is the last time you will ever see me again."So in my conclusion Valentines day is nothing but people giving you stuff because they like you but then they don't really like you so just think of it as a HOT MESS.





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