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Hey guys.I hope you can empathize with me here.Okay, so this guy I used to really like that left my school last year friended me on facebook.He used to be really intellegent and sweet and kind and a generally likeable person. Well, I had left him a message that was like "Hey!What's up?How do you like your new school?" I also wrote something joking like "Wow!You're so different!hahaha!" and obviously it was a joke because i'd seen him just a year before. Well he commented back saying "Right.Yeah.It's great.Do you know how to use a spacebar?" Now I'm left feeling confused and insulted and like i want to leave him a message telling him what a jerk he is when i used to think of him as a really great friend. Instead, i just responded "Was that supposed to sound rude?" because thats not the guy i remember.Can anyone help me?What should i have said instead or should i have taken the abuse?Or not left an embarrassing comment on his wall in the first place for all his new prep school friend to see?Is he being like this because he thinks he's better than people who go to normal schools?Has prep school made him a snob?

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Comment by TheEditor(Julia Cullen) on June 5, 2010 at 11:18am
Go to heck peter!!

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