The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

I watched from above crouching on a limb ,the newborns were passing by going to their designated places . I didn’t realize who was in back of me. I was too busy thinking of how well my plan is going to go how easy those newborns are to fool u give them blood and they’ll do whatever u want. Mindless vampires they don’t even cross the idea that they are soon to perish. Riley came from behind he too was being manipulated like the others but suspected nothing only following what I instructed him. His blonde hair was blowing in the breeze giving me a slight smell of blood. He’s been hunting his eyes were glowing red the ;sign of a vampire. I kissed him gently but making it persuasive enough for him to follow. “Come “I murmured “the time has come” . We swiftly jumped off the tree into the abandon street to join the other vampires.
We were a few miles from forks walking on foot we were all just waiting to
fight the coven that call themselves vampires they are an insult to our kind. HA! I laughed at the idea what vampire drinks animal blood, pathetic I thought. I despise them they dare to kill a vampire, my mate James for a worthless human what was the difference they were all the same. Why couldn't they let him have her, they were millions to replace her most importantly why did they have to kill James? No crying I gritted my teeth this is a fight that will surely get rid of that ungrateful human. No sobs, no sobs James would of want me to do this. I’m sure. . . . its a little late but I will make her suffer just like I do.
The newborns were splitting into groups Riley is directing them to their places
some where going to the field where we last talked to the Cullens others were going to that pesky humans house. My ultimate goal was to kill all who ever protected the human
it didn't matter how many newborns had to go. My only request was to save the girl for
myself I am the one who is going to kill her torture her to death . . . surely this is something i am going to enjoy. I smiled at the fantasy I was having. Riley was just staring at me fro the other side of the street. He was probably wondering why i was laughing
i had to distract him someway. He cant get the slightest hint that I'm just using him
if he found out I'm sure he would surely betray me ,especially now. Some of the newborns has been telling him why I really was with him but of course those troublesome vampire had to go and now they are only a memory still I cant afford another mistake. "Did u go over the plan with the stupid newborns" I whispered as sweetly as i could ."Yes" he said nervously. He was probably just dazzled by me too distracted to give me a real answer.. . .

<3333 jasmine

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Comment by Jasmin Hernandez on July 24, 2010 at 10:28am
<33 jasmine
Comment by Alice Renesmee Bella Cullen on July 22, 2010 at 1:47pm
Like it! =)

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