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At the back end of last year I saw a little bit of hype on the tv about some random teen vampire movie, and I thought, 'hey, I am going to have to watch this sometime soon...'. And that was that for a while. Then a few weeks ago I was shopping in Tescos nosing in the DVD section and discovered Twilight there. 'OK,' I thought, 'let's give this one a go. It might be a bit of an alright film'. Boy was I wrong! It was utterly fabulous. It stirred so many emotions within me - I instantly loved it.
I happened to mention the movie to my very best friend, Sarah, who as usual, was already one step ahead of me having already purchased all four books, and the movie was on order. BOOKS!!! I never knew their was more! Sequels, sequels, sequels!
Back home later that week I logged on to the trusty old Tesco website and promptly ordered all four books and the 'unofficial' companion. The day the books came, I could not unwrap them quickly enough. And sure enough, having strewn the paper all across the floor, I grabbed the first book and bend back the perfectly uncreased front cover and began to read.......... I could not put the damn thing down................ My husband is now officially a 'Twilight Widower'!
First book completed, I was so happy to see that the movie was very true to the origins of the book. My only minor niggle is that I think that the book allows you to fall in love with Edward so much more than the film does. All those little loving moments, little touches and caresses with Bella.
Then, there it was, sat on the table calling to me. Almost the instant I had finished Twilight, New Moon was pulling me in. (Sod it! My husband would just have to suffer, with me sat in the corner reading, yet again!) New Moon, New Moon, New Moon! What a nightmare....Within the first few chapters I was sobbing my heart out at what was happening, and I went to bed with tears streaming down my face. (I'm emotional at the best of times, but this was ridiculous!) I had to keep reading and was glad I did. The second book did not disappoint in any way. I loved them both.
I am now completely and utterly obesessed! More so than I was with Harry Potter, even. And that's saying something! (I queued at midnight twice for the last two Harry Potter books, but I would hedge a bet that if there were another Twilight book in the making, that I would walk over hote coals to get to it!!!)
I started Eclipse last night and I am now three chapters in.......And still reading in between school runs, nappy changes and sorting out screaming kids! Role on bath time, when I can have a few hours of peaceful reading - I will keep you all posted on my progress! StupidShineyVolvoDriver xxxxx

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Comment by TwilightLoverRonni on September 2, 2009 at 8:01pm
Ok...see we read your Blog too! :o)
I enjoyed this very much. I have a lot of the same thoughts.
Comment by StupidShinyVolvoOwner on September 2, 2009 at 9:55am
Am SOOOOOOOO excited - Someone actually read my blog!!!!! Whoooo hooooo!!
Comment by Staci M. on September 1, 2009 at 9:08pm
I loved this blog! If I had a husband he would surely be a widower too! I started with the movie as well and had no idea how it would change my existance! Like you I had other friends who were already into it and had finished all the books. I went through the first 3 books fairly quickly though I did start to slow down at Eclipe. I knew the end was looming. But I loved the last two! I'm just about to read the partial Midnight Sun and then I'm starting all over! p.s. Love Harry too!

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