The Twilight Saga

It was a very fine day on Earth. But what Earth's inhabitants didn't know was that a war was starting. Between God and Satan. Alexander Knight and his brother Lucifer Knight was in the Empire State Building in New York, They were discussing how the world was going to end. "Its all stereotypes," Lucifer said.. "Agreed, " Alexander replied, " But there is one possibility." He continued. "Whats that?" Lucifer asked. "The Holy War" stated Alexander. Then they heard a crash, Satan had appeared in the building. "For once Alexander, I wish you kept your mouth shut." Lucifer said. "Hello boys," Satan said sneering. " I am afraid that you'll have to come with me." he continued. Alexander and Lucifer smirked. "You wish" They said and jumped out of the window to the street five floors below. What Satan didn't know was that the Gastavo Family knew that this day was coming but they disappeared. Leaving two new Ultimate Life Forms behind. One was a Dragon and the other was a Griffin. Lucifer was the dragon. Satan knew that, so he was aiming to recruit him and kill off Alexander. But right after they jumped, two angels appeared in the road. Their names are Gabriel and Michael."Gabriel, Grab the Griffin and protect the Dragon!" Michael shouted. Gabriel nodded and started flying after Alexander. Alex ran and shifted into his griffin form and flew. On the other hand, Lucifer disappeared into the shadows. But when he did that, Satan appeared to where Lucifer reappeared at and dragged Lucifer to the depths of hell.

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