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Im really bummed to know that after the breaking dawn movies are over. . . there will be no more twilight.

I mean, WE TWILIGHTERs want more right?

i hope Stephenie does another Twilight book. Since twilight, many things have changed.

Like for example, some girls finally found friends that they have the same interest too. Some people was even inspired to write a book after reading Twilight. Before Twilight, we see vampres as bloodsucking goth seuctive people, but when the Cullens came, we saw a friendly good and gentleman vampires. Moms and their daughters strted bonding.


Some stars even broke out to fame when they starred at twilight. Robert pattinson was just known as Cedric at harry Potter and Kristen was also know just for playing at Zathura. Taylor Lautner was just known as the kid who plays Sharkboy. But when they starred in twilight, they showed people that they have a talent to act.


Vampires who glitters, who drives silver Porsche and Silver volvos have been known worldwide.

I just wish, at least, the publishing company would take a look at some of our stories.

SOme people, like me, have tons of ideas in or head and we write it for our own continuation of The Twilight Saga. i mean we want to see Jacob and Reneesmee! Ugh! We want to see Leah have her own happy ending.

It's just so unfair. We need another book. I hope this blog post reaches to any high official or something out there.

if we wont see a book about Twilight, girls are going to be depressed. When we girls get depressed, we will stop eating and studying. Most workharding students are girls,so when they stop studying, they wont be college students. When theres no college students, there will be no more employees for every business. The economy will fall, World War III will start. . . and human existence will wipe out.



you get the idea..


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Comment by ana mondragon on July 1, 2011 at 8:59pm

yeah its realy a bumer but i still want to know wat happens with renesmee and who she chooses and wat hapens with lea not that i like her but still just curious and i also want to know at happens to emily and sam but i mean anothere book would be good

Comment by Katie Williams on April 24, 2011 at 5:48pm
i agree about needing another book i realy want to find out who renesmee picks and also what happens in the cullens and the blacks future

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