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ok, first and foremost, happy new year! i know i havent bloged in a while, but ive been ubber busy. and when i say busy, i mean over eating and playing with a bunch of crap that will in no way benifit my life. xD anyway, that dream!

ok, so i was bella, and i was in college, but i was a vampire. and edward was there, and carlisle was the dean of admitions, except it was peter facinelli, and not carlisle himself. he didnt even have the blonde hair. and we (me and edward) were in the bathroom of our house, and we were just talking about our infinite future together, and then we walked out of the bathroom, and i walked right up to my friend jack* and put my arm around him. then he kissed me**, and we went and sat at a table (this was obviously the dining hall at the college). the funny thing was that when i looked back at edward, he was standing there with bella. not kristens version of bella, but the idea of bella that i have in my mind from the books (same thing with edward). i guess i was a new person in this thing. so jack and i sat down at a table, and somehow along the way to the table i ended up with a bowl of french fries (?). at the spot at the table we sat down at, there was a plate. on that plate was another bowl of fries. i looked up, and realized that this was the version of the great hall i had imagined from reading the harry potter books. when i looked back down at the table, the fries in my hand dissapeared, and the fries that were on the table had turned into a toaster strudel. i took a bite, and this *cough* large *cough* guy that rides my bus came over and was all like, "give me your toaster strudel!" and i was like, "no!" and he was about to punch me, when my friend sarah came over and was like, "the middle is the worst part anyway. it's always colde than the rest." i was realy confused. i looked down at the toaster strudel, and it was just the center, not the rest of it. the guy walked away and i looked at sarah with that "thank you" kind of look. then jack got my attention, and pointedup to the podium thing where dumbledor always speaks in harry potter, and peter was there and he was lke, "hey everyone! i know its been a long summer, and all of you are so eager to learn. yeah right, i know you just want it to be over right? so come and get your schedules, and we will get this year over with as soon as possible!" then every1 laughed, and got in line to get their schedules. i got in line, but jack pulled me out of line, and that was when i woke up.

*ok, you know that saying that if you have a dream about someone, that means they went to bed thinking about you? well, i totaly believe it. so does that mean jack was thinking of me last night? i mean, i know i went out with him for a while, and we're still friends and everything, but come one! that would be rly weird if he was thinking about me. but wat if he was thinking about the fact that he told me he would try to get sean to actualy like me. maybe he found out about him and lauren (he and sean are rly close) an he was feeling bad for me, or making fun of me. either or, he wouldnt be thinking of me in a romantic way, so its all good right?

** and, the last dream i had that jack kissed me in, i ended up punching him down a flight of stairs. srry jack!

oh, and we totaly make fun of him, bcuz his name is jack bruno, and the cabbie in race to which mountain was named jack bruno. xD

plz coment if yu have any idea what this means. if ur one of those dream oricle thingys, great! tell me what this means!

~luv ya!

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