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I went today to see the company shrink and found out i'm dyslexic, and i could not shut my mouth .

I just see the answers to why am i so deferent. and why i was in special ed and never went on to collage.

I know i can read but not out load and it takes a bit longer then every on els for me to ketch on to something.

So basically i have been hating myself and citing myself up thinking something is seriously wrong with me to find out now after 10 years that i was already handling every thing so well on my own in my own way.And the best of it is my mom never taught to ask or find out what was wrong. Or she just ignored it like she does every thing els.

i can hear her still say "why cant you be more like your brother or sister, they finished high school and they are going to collage". All i get from her is criticized and ridiculed or false promises.

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