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As i discussed with my friend on Sunday night i asked a random question in the would you rather format and this is the result...

*would you rather kiss a Werewolf or a Vampire?

for reasons i like to think make complete sense, i choose kiss Vampire
while my friend choose to kiss Werewolf

I thought that kissing a werewolf would be sloppy and forceful not exactly romantic either.
However a kiss from an immortal, that cold, sensual, careful kiss; the kiss that could promise either death or love really seemed ideal, that is a kiss that i would like to partake in.

*Next i asked my friend if she rather have sex with a werewolf or with a vampire?

Now this is were it gets good,
My friend answers she would rather make love with a vampire while i would rather make love with a werewolf.

her feeling on the matter were: " Sex with a vampire would be Passionate and Romantic, he would be gentle and fierce all at the same time."

My feelings: "I would rather do it with a werewolf for it would be rough, his warm body against mine, our claws digging in to one another, ideal love making. But with a Vampire it would be cold and hard, i could get as much pleasure from a spoon than that of a vampire!"

SO that is our opinion of "would you rather" of course i'd love to hear all arguments on the matter! so please join in the discussion and answer me this, would you rather kiss a werewolf or a vampire And who would you rather have sex with a vampire or a werewolf?

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Comment by NeSsA on November 24, 2009 at 11:19am
Total threesome

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