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What an Offense of the new movie

Who here says that the new movie vampires suck is offenseve. It is just a stupid parody to twilight. If you think the movie is offencive, wright back about how u feel.

If you havent seen the trailer go to BTW my brother showed it to me

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Comment by Alyssa Camerino on August 10, 2010 at 5:24am
It's really offensive, because it's like their makinng fun of TWILIGHT and the scene that I saw was nothing but stupidity. It's like insulting the characters that we love so much, and you so the was so AHHH!!! I hate it!!! How about you, don't you feel pissed at the people who made that pathetic excuse fo a movie? I know I'm childish but I can't help being so mad at them.

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