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What did I like about Twilight? (question from the web site to me)

I became intrigued with Twilight through my niece.  She read the first book then all of them, enjoyed them for several reasons, starting with the storyline & development of "Bella" - starting as an awkward, unsure of herself and her place in her new life.  Bella's maturing from a girl to woman to married woman to Mother/woman with a mission is wonderful.  Having Bella be the 'savior' and 'protector' of the clan gives her new appreciation and respect.  The relationship between Edward and Bella grows, matures, develops...leaving each of them with a better understanding of each other's SOUL--which Edward does not think he has anymore.  I think Edward regains some of his humanness, his gentleness with Bella.  She helps him as much as he helps her.  Edward, above all, should be proud of her and her transformation.  Quite remarkable.  A good role-model for young women, I think.  What do you think? 
Ms. Meyer's style of writing involves the readers, so we come to care about the characters-want to continue to read more and find out what happens next.  She understands the female mind, because we are instinctively drawn to the two sides of the sensuous mate/male:  Edward, the intelligent, charming, energetic, handsome man who protects Bella/us at all costs and  Jacob, the warm, masculine, strong, & sexual man who also protects Bella/us at all costs.  One can give you eternal life and a high cost, by giving your human life up...(not all of it, as it turns out!) AND one will live with Bella/you, in warm, human bodies, share love & children, 'normal' lives and death, at the end of a lifetime.  It's a great continued story...showing how people can love more than one person at a so much for another, only to have to choose one life over another, due to circumstances beyond mortal control. 
Are there any more books planned for future stories about Edward, Bella, Jacob and family?  It would be good to see more background about the Cullens - Alice (we haven't seen anything about her life before, have we?)...How did the good Doctor Cullen get bitten?  What about Jacob and his imprint on a special young lady?  So many questions...maybe you all may be helpful!? 
Any trailers, photos, etc. from Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 or Pt. 2 yet?  Yes, I am a really interested fan too!  Thank you!

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