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Have you ever thought about what would would have happpened if twilight instead of being a movie it was a tv show. Who would play bella and edward? The other question is what would have happened if Taylor Lautner wasn't in the movie would the character Jacob still be as popular as he is now. Some people say they like the books better and that when they made the movie they left out some important facts that were in the book. I happend to like the movies and the books just about the same because there are some things that I like about the books that I didn't like in the  ovie and vice versa. Most poeople say they have never even read a book and they seem to like the movies. I guess the big fact is do you like the book or movie or both? please leave  comments below

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Comment by Angel20395 on June 12, 2012 at 1:28am

thank you all who commented

Comment by Luiza on June 10, 2012 at 10:28pm

i like them both... Book will give you an insight and the whole story of the twilight and in the movie you will understand more and see the characters who are playing each role.. sometimes in movie they missed some part of the story they skip parts of what happenings in the book.. but i understand that they only wants the best result for the movie. For me whether on the book or movie... whats more important to me is i have watched and read the twilight saga story and grateful that it existed..=)

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