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What if Bella chose Jacob? Here is my thinking...part 2!

After several long, slow minutes I pryed myself away from Jacob's strong arms. I looked out into the field, immeadiatley seeing that the Cullens were gone. And I would probably never see them again. What had I done?

Now that Edward had left, I expected Jacob to be gloating that we 'won' and that Edward 'lost'. Instead, he was intently staring at me with a look of joy and conern. He knew I was upset.

"Bells, are you going to be alright?" Jacob's gentle voice, made me remember that he was standing there, next to me, and I moved my eyes from the place where the Cullens had once stood.

I nodded slowly, unaware of how to answer.

But, even though I was devastated about the Cullens' departure, I was still filled with joy at the thought that I would get to spend the rest of my life with Jacob. My Jacob.

"Come on, Let's get you home." And with that he picked me up into his muscualr arms and began towards Charlie's house.

Before my mind really processed that we had left the field, Jacob was setting me down and knocking on the front door. Charlie was there within a matter of seconds, relief flooding his face when he saw i was with jacob, not edward.

"She's really exhausted, she's had a long night." He told Charlie in a gentle voice, never once taking his eyes off of me.

I'll make sure she lies down." Charlie answered in his gruff voice.

The next thing I remembered after that was waking up in my room, in my bed. I looked over at the clock that was on my bedside table, 5:30 A.m.

A part of me wondered if what I thought had happened was a dream or if it was real, but deep down I knew that it was real.

I doubted I would never see edward or any of the other Cullens again.

Part of me ached with pain, the other wanted to shout with joy that I would get to have a life with Jacob. I had always been told how hard being a teenager was, but I had never imagined anything like this.

By 6:15, I couldnt stand it any longer and decided to get in my old beat-up pick up and drive down to La Push to see Jacob. My Jacob.

I didn't know what would happened when I got there, but I had to go. I needed to talk to him.

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Comment by Gina Rose on June 8, 2010 at 3:59pm
i loved it
Comment by evelyn on June 6, 2010 at 12:59pm
can you please write chapter 3
Comment by Lissa Dragomir on June 5, 2010 at 11:32pm
awesome it was GREAT!!!! if u can please write more:)

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