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I began to lose track of time. Each second felt like hours on end. I had goose bumps on my pale arms scared to know what the Volturi was about to do. I could see the fury that was rising in Jane's evil little face. She would much rather just end me and be done with it. She took a deep breath, her red eyes were so bright that they looked like they were flames flickering against the night sky at a campsite, she could not get much angrier. At least…I don’t think she could.
I looked at Jake, completely dumbstruck. How could he possibly be serious? If I were to become a vampire, that would be the end of us. How could we possibly be together? The wolves and the vamps were sworn enemies. I looked at him, unable to come up with something to say. The pain in his face was just unbearable.
"Fine," Jane said through clenched teeth, "I'll give you a week. 7 days. When I get back, she better be turned because this time, there's no more chances. She's dieing whether you let the change happen or we end her ourselves, either way. See you in a week." And with an annoyed little humph she left leaving all of us, completely unbelieving what had just happened. Was I really about to become a vampire? Was I really about to lose Jake…forever? Do I not get a say in this?!
I met Jake's eyes, and as soon as our brown eyes met, he jerked away, as if he could not bear to look at me anymore.
"Jacob…." I stopped, not knowing what to say.
I heard him take a deep breath before turning and facing me.
As soon as I looked into his face, I saw something I had never seen before.
His brown eyes were lined with tears.
"Jake…," I stopped taking a deep breath.
"Jake, they're going to be back in a week. No matter what, a bluff can't just work this time. What's your plan?"
He dropped his gaze.
"Bella," He finally unclenched his fist, "I was not bluffing."
Words can not describe the emotions of shock and surprise and hurt that ran through my body. I gasped.
"I was not bluffing." He repeated himself, flinching as he finished the sentence.
"But…no…how…what?" Tears swelled up in my eyes. My frizzy hair was frizzier than usual from all the humidity in the air, and it was sticking up all over the place.
All of the Cullens were standing silently, not moving at all. Everyone was sad looking. Even Emmett was not being himself.
The wolf pack was standing solemnly, not even noticing the vampires standing near them, the vampires that normally would have them thoroughly repulsed.
"But…no, you cant be serious, you just cant!" I started to run off, to upset to even be able to look at him. I was not mad at him, but I just could not believe that I was about to lose his, either way this went, and looking at him was just too painful.
I figured he would follow me, try and stop me, but I did not want him to. He did not follow me.
I ran and ran until I could not run any longer. Gasping for breath I sat down on a rock looking out at the beautiful forests of La Pus, not willing my self to believe that this could very well be the last time that I ever do this. Ever see this beautiful sight.
It was something that just could not be real. Could not be accepted. But this was true. This was really happening. 'No. It cant!' I screamed inside my head, tears falling from my face at an unbelievable rate.
"Bella?" I heard a quiet, shaky voice, the voice sounded scared. I had never heard him sound so scared.
I turned to see Seth looking at me with a look of worry and fear.
"Hi," I choked, embarrassed at how I sounded, wiping the back of my hand across from my face, trying to wipe away the tears.
He sat down beside me a look of concern in his tan face.
"Bella…" He trailed off instead choosing to look off in the distance.
"I think we've already established that that is my name, Seth." I said, with a sniff, " why don’t you go back there with Jake and everyone, I really just wanna be alone."
"Bella, I know that you're upset, but you have to come back."
I rolled my eyes, through my tears.
"Bella, what are you so upset about? We're not gonna let those dumb volturi's hurt you. In a week this will all be over."
I jumped to my feet.
"No, it won't! In a week I'm gonna lose everyone I love!"
He looked at her sympathetically, unable of a way to comfort her.
Even if he tried to tell her that everything would be fine and that after the change everything would go back to the way it was, but he knew it was not true. Everything was about to change, no matter what. Bella was about to become a vampire. The truce was about to be broken and Bella and Jacob's love will never be the same.

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Comment by evelyn on November 20, 2010 at 5:30pm
keep omn wiriting
Comment by Kelley Brady on November 9, 2010 at 8:17pm
Love it! I can't wait for your next update!! Please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by sara benbella on November 2, 2010 at 5:43am
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