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What if it never happened-Chapter 1-New Beginnings

I looked at the letter in front of me. Hot tears stinging my eyes. Everywhere it seemed in my body was filled with anger. I stood up running my to her room. I didnt brother knocking knowing she wouldnt brother answering. She was laid in her bed in a fetal poisition. "Mom, here." I said handing her the letter. She didnt even turn to look at me. I pushed her over and got on top of her. "Mom, there taking the house." I yelled in her face. My mom looked at me her expression non-changing. "Please mom." I said pleading now. "They died, He left." She said quietly. I wanted to shake her. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to curl up in my bed and pretend like none of this was happening. "I need you." I whispered. My mother looked and wiped away some of my tears. "They died, He left." She said repeating herself. I moved letting her hand drop. I ran out of the room and to my room.  I slammed the door and fell to my knees. Everything in me felt like it was on fire. I screamed and screamed until it felt like my throat was on fire. I laid myself on the floor. I closed my eyes and let the darkness engulf me.


I woke up the sun shining on my face. My body ached and my throat hurt. I stood and walked to my closet. I reached in and grabbed the blue small box. I opened the lid and grabbed the money. $1,000. I looked at the money and took a deep breathe. I put it back. I looked at the clock and saw it 6:30am. I had an half an hour until school started. I walked to the bathroom taking a quick shower. I got out of the shower and made myself look at my reflection. I looked a mess. My eyes were swollen and purple and black like i was bruised. My face was blotchey. My hair frizzy and nappy. I looked horrible. I shook my head and swallowed back my tears. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my brush and brushed through my hair getting it into a bun. I grabbed my makeup and covered my eyes i put a little bit of gold on my eyes. I looked at myself. I looked tired but i looked better than before. I ran to my room grabbing a yellow sweater and some black leggings. I slid on my shoes and grabbed my bag. I ran to the bus barely catching it. I sat down and closed my eyes. When the bus stopped at school i got off. I walked in. The school was buzzing. I got to my locker and grabbed my books. I turned to see my bestfriend smiling at me. Her smile instantly dropped and she got a worried look on her face. "What's wrong?" Lila said. I smiled but i knew it was weak. The tears stung my eyes and they slowly feel. Lila grabbed me pulling me through a sea of people. We didnt stop until she reached her brothers car. She pulled me into a hug. I let the tears rush out. "Sshh." She said quietly. I dont know how long we stood there until i stopped crying. I wiped my face and pulled away from her. "What's wrong Janaila?" Lila said concern etched in her tone. "There taking the house." I said quietly.  I looked at Lila and i saw pity and sorrow on her face. "Janaila, i'm so sorry." She said grabbing my hand trying to comfort me. "I don't know what were going to do Lila." "We don't that much money." I said feeling the tears starting all over again. "Hey, look at me everything is going to work out." Lila said with her knowing smile. I knodded. She looked through her purse grabbing her phone. She dailed someones number. "Hey mom is Cousin Charlie still selling his house?"  Lila said. She smiled and looked at me. "Yes, Love you too." Lila said. Lila looked at me. "So, remember when i was telling you that my cousin was selling his house?" Lila said. I knodded. "We'll he hasnt sold it yet." Lila said with a smile. "Lila, i told you i only have a thousand he's not going to accept that." I said. Lila's smile widened. "Janaila, i promise you he will accept that offer." She said with a smile. "Didnt you say it was in Forks?" I said. Lila's smile softened and it had a bit of sadness. "Yes, but that's only 4 hrs." She said in her Lila style voice always trying to have a better outlook on everything. My stomach dropped but it was a little ping of hope. "Do you really think he'll accept it.?" I said. Lila smiled. "Yes, i really do."


"Do you have everything packed up?" Evan Lila's older brother said. I knodded. His truck was full with all of our stuff. My mom was sitting in the back seat silent. I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder. I turned around to see Janine Lila's mom with a sad smile and tears glistening in her eyes. She hugged me in a tight hug. All the tears that i was holding back were coming around now. I let them flow freely. "Janaila, take care of you." She said in a whisper. She pulled away and looked at me. There was sadness but also i could see pride.  She reached into her pocket and handed me some money. "I cant take this." I said not wanting her money. Her pity. She smiled and put it in my hand. "Think of it as an early birthday present sweetie." She said. I looked at the money and nodded. "Thankyou." I said hugging her again. She pulled away. "Make sure you call me at least once a day everyday." She said. I nodded. "I will." I hated turning away from her. I hated that i had to leave my friends no Lila's family was my family. I let the tears fall again. Evan put his arm around me. "You ready?" He said. I looked up into his deep blue eyes. I nodded yes.



So, i know this story doesnt make sense but it will all come together. Yes this is an Janaila and Seth story. So please enjoy and comment. Thanks for reading.


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