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What if it never happened - Chapter 10 - Sometimes faith is all you

I turned and looked at Seth. I could feel the nerves vibrating through his body. I rose my hand lightly tracing his face. "Imprint?" I whispered. Seth looked at me and took a deep breathe. "Imprinting is when you find the person your were destined to be with." "Soul mates." Seth whispered. I looked at Seth to see if he was joking. But i only found seriousness in his beautiful features. "You imprinted on me ?" I said still tracing his face. "Yes." He said quietly. "How does it happen ?" I said. Seth's body tensed again and nerves exploded throughout him. "When you see that person it feels like everything in the world is better just because you laid on eyes on them." "Your whole world is not yours any longer it's like yours and their's are molded together and yall live in one heart." "One soul." Seth said slowly making sure to make every word important understood. It was crazy and i knew it couldnt be. But everything seemed like it fit perfectly. " Why does this happen ?" I said. Seth took a deep breathe. " My tribe we've never figured out why it happens." Seth said.  I looked at Seth and he looked back at me. My heart was racing and i felt tears stinging my eyes. I couldnt explain why i was crying but i felt overwhelmed. I wanted to lie down and sleep for hours. But i wanted Seth to be there whispering to me. I wanted him to hold me and promise to never leave me. I wanted Seth to be there when i pushed him away. I wanted to close my eyes and see his russet color skin and sun -like smile. I hated myself for every bit of it. But i wasnt going to deny myself of it. Seth's warm hands wiped away my tears and i looked at him. I knew he understood. I knew he could feel my pain. My indecision. He pulled me closer. Not saying anything just holding me. Letting me know he was here. He wasnt going to let me fall. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Bringing his lips closer to mine.  His warm sweet breathe panned across my lips. I closed my eyes letting myself feel the contentness of the moment. "I love you Janaila." He said. I didnt open my eyes because i knew he was being honest. I knew Seth loved me for the good bad ugly and beautiful. I pressed my lips softly to his. Everything inside of me became alive. I pulled away opening my eyes softly. Letting fresh tears fall softly down my cheeks. "I love you too." I whispered.


So here is Chapter 10. It's short but it's full of emotion. Please Comment. Thanks for reading. Next time Dollies <3...


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