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What if it never happened - Chapter 11 - Anger is the surface emotion for Fear

"Seth, there going to think i'm crazy." I said nerves rolling through me. Seth smiled and shook his head. "No, Janaila there very understanding." Seth said squeezing my hand. I rolled my eyes and watched as the tree's passed us. I itched for some paint so i could paint this beautiful forest. I havent painted in a while. But my dreams had been made of paint swirls and colors. I smiled thinking about this beautiful dream i had about Seth. Everything was this burnt yellow and all you saw was Seth's beautiful skin contrasting against the yellowness of the back ground. He was beautiful. I looked over at Seth. He was looking at me with a smile placed on his beautiful face. "What are you smiling about ?" Seth said turning back to the road. I squeezed his hand bringing it to my lips kissing it lightly. "You." I said quietly. We drove in silence for the rest of the way. We pulled up to a beautiful white antique house. The detailing was beautiful. It had a vintage but modern feeling to it. It was simply beautiful.  Seth looked at me sensing my nerves. "Relax." Seth said bringing me closer and closer to him until i lips were touching. He pulled away too quickly with a knowing smile. I shook my head. "That's not funny." I said hating to be teased. Seth laughed. "Come on." He said taking my hand in his. We walked up to the house. The closer and closer i got my stomach clenched.  Seth knocked on the door lightly. I didnt hear footsteps but Seth must have because he squeezed my hand.  The pretty woman no more than beautiful woman answered with a warm smile. " Hello Seth." She said warmness in her tone. "And the lovely Janaila." She said with a warm smile. I smiled back feeling a bit relaxed. "Please Come in." She said moving to the side to let us in. We walked into the beautiful home and i felt even worse. This house was beyond beautiful. It was elegant. It was simply but it just had a warmness and feeling of love in it that made it so much more. I felt Seth's eyes on me judging my reaction. I turned and Esme was standing behind us. "Your home is beautiful." I said in awe. Esme looked around. A small shy smile playing on her lips. "Thank you it was a lot of work." She said non- chantely. " We'll it looks amazing." I said turning looking around again.  "Come on." Seth said leading me to another room. We walked in what i assumed to be the living room. It was a darker cream color then the front room. But it wasnt any less beautiful. There were six people sitting. The butterflies erupted again. I smiled a shy smile squeezing Seth's so hard it was actually painful to me.  Bella turned around and a happy smile spread across her beautiful face. "Hi Janaila." She said. It seemed like on que the rest of them turned around. They all had smile's on their faces. Seth squeezed my hand instantly relaxing me. "Hello." I said shyly. Seth spoke up introducing everyone. He pointed to a beautiful outstanding blonde. She smiled and i wanted to die. She was so beautiful. Her hair was a deep honey almost dirty blonde color. She was curvy and just screamed perfection. "That's Rosalie." Seth said. Rosalie smiled and spoke a quiet hello. Then he pointed to a big burly man. The man had small curls and the cutest dimples. He looked so big and ferious but with the curly hair and dimpled smile he looked soft and cuddley.  He spoke in a deep but playful voice.  Seth then pointed to a short pixie like woman. She smiled a warm almost excited smile. She waved and was bouncing. She reminded me of Renesmee in her personality.


Seth laughed. "That's Alice." He said shaking his head. "I've been waiting to meet you." "You have amazing fashion sense i hear." "I love fashion maybe one day we can go shopping together. " Alice said quickly. I laughed and smiled already loving her. "Um, Okay." Alice clapped and actually bounced. Everyone laughed shaking their heads. Esme came into the room with a beautiful man who matched her perfectly. He had light almost sliver blonde hair. He looked like he could be a model. He smiled a warm smile. "Hello Janaila i'm Carlisle Cullen welcome to my home." He said. I smiled. "Thank you for having me it's lovely." I said. The doctors faced dropped and he a look between sorrow and concern. "Janaila i just wanted to apolgize if we offended you in anyway." Carlisle said. I shook my head. "Please don't i'm sorry." "I'm a bit emotional and um crazy you can say." I said. Everyone laughed. "I'm sorry for being so disrepectful and unthankful." I said serious. Seth squeezed my hand making me look at him. "We'll Seth is smitten with you and so are we." Esme said. I smiled looking at Seth. "Your smitten with me?" I said teasing him. Seth looked embarrassed. "You better be Mr. because i'm smitten with you too." I said smiling. All the girls awed and Emmett awed too which made us all laugh. Esme cooked and me and Seth stayed for dinner. It was amazing and i never felt more satisfied. Not just with the food but with everything. I felt normal even if it was a bit strange. Everything felt off but never more right. I couldn't explain it. But i just felt content. Like this is where i belonged. I looked at Seth and he looked back at me. At the moment it was just I and he. He smiled pressing his lips lightly to mine. Emmett howled giving Seth a pat on the back and Alice gave me her number. I looked around me taking in everything enjoying these moments of freedom. Not knowing when this lightness would engulf me again.


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Songs i wrote too-

Florence and the Machine-

Strangeness and Charm

Seven Devils.

Oh Sidenote-

Edward was there when Seth was introducing The family but i didnt feel the need to name him because Duh Bella And Edward are rarely apart. But you know someone might wonder that so there it is. But thanks for reading again. Loves <3

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