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What if it never happened - Chapter 12 - Really ?

Seth ran his hand over my wrist. I moved it away and made him look at me. "I'm fine. " I whispered. I could see worry all in Seth's face. " Janaila , she's getting worse." Seth said. I let out a deep breathe and pushed Seth off of me. " I don't want to talk about Seth." I said grabbing my boots. " Janaila she needs help." Seth said grabbing my hand.  " She's fine. " I said standing up. I felt like i had to throw up.  I knew i was lying. I knew my mother was depressed and now it was starting to smother me. Sometimes i woke up in tears. That wasnt normal. " Janaila please. " Seth said pleading with me. I couldnt look at him. " No , i wont do that to her. " I said in a small voice. I tried to walk out of the room but Seth blocked my path.

" What are you afraid of ?" Seth said.  " Nothing , Seth excuse me. " I said looking at the floor. Seth made me look at me. " Look me in my eyes and lie to me. " Seth said. " Let go of me. " I said backing away from Seth. " Janaila she's going to make you crazy too. " Seth said. I looked up at Seth anger coursing through my body. " She's not crazy Seth. " "She's hurt. " " Hurt is crazy ." I yelled at Seth. Seth looked at me trying to find a way in. But my wall was already built. " She 's hurting you Janaila ." Seth said walking towards me.  " Don't touch me. " I said quietly. Seth didnt listen and pulled me close to him. I could hear his heartbeat. " Janaila , i'm not going to hurt you ." Seth said. The tears burned my eyes pleading to fall. " Let me help you please." Seth said his voice broken with his own tears. Cold tears rolled down my cheeks. " I'm afraid of ending up like her. " I said my voice small and broken. Seth laid us down on his bed still cradling me to him. " Your not going too Janaila. " "I won't let that happen." Seth whispered into my ear.


An -

So that was a deep Chapter. What do you think is going to happen to her mother ? What do you want to happen. How do you think Janaila is handling all of this ? Please Comment. Thanks for reading HoneyBeeeees:) !



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