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What if it never happened - Chapter 13 - Surprise

"Goodmorning Beautiful ." Seth said bending down to kiss me. I kissed him back his lips warm and soft against mine. Thanking god silently that i brushed my teeth before coming outside. Seth pulled away pulling me up with him sitting in my seat and sitting me on his lap. I snuggled close to him closing my eyes finally feeling at ease. "So are you going to spend the night at the cullens tonight ? " Seth said quietly. " No , i cant leave my mom for a whole night ." I said. After that day Seth didnt bring up my mother any longer but i could feel something big was about to happen. " Esme said she would stay here for the night. " Seth said. I looked up at Seth. He was breathetaking but he had deep circles under his eyes. " You look exhausted. " I said. " Dont change the subject. " Seth said with a small smile. " I dont know. " I said. " Janaila you need the night out just to feel like a teenager. " " Please just do it for me." Seth said. I looked out at Seth. " Okay. " I said quietly.

I packed a small bag. My jammies. I packed Seth's big Marvel tee that i stole.  Some floral pj shorts and my Bootie Slippers that im in love with. My stomach flipped and i felt uneasy leaving my mother with Esme. Not leaving with her Esme but just i didnt know how she was going to act during the night. My phone vibrated and i knew Seth was here. I grabbed my bag. I walked to my mother's room. She was lying in her bed sleep. It had been two weeks since our argument. But i could see she was already losing weight. She was refusing to eat now. I closed her door and ran to the kitchen making sure the note was still there i left for Esme.  " She's going to be okay Janaila. " Seth said wrapping his arm around me. He startled me. " How did you get in here ?" I said turning so i was facing him. " You didnt lock your door young lady. " " Any dog could come in and have his way with you ." Seth said smiling. " Your such a cornball. " I said giggling at Seth's joke. " But you love me. " Seth said. My heart flutterd. " Very much. " I said. Seth bent in his warm breathe fanning across my lips. " I love you too Janaila. " Seth said about to press his lips to mine. A light knock interrupted. I pouted and Seth pulled me to the front door.  We opened and Esme stood there looking beautiful as ever. She had her hair pulled back in a low ponytail. She had on a collared cream shirt and some cargo pants.


"Hello." I said timidly. Esme gave me a warm smile. " Hello Janaila. " She said. " Come in ." I said suddenly realizing i was being rude. Esme came in. " So my number on the counter if you need anything ." I said. Esme looked at me with sorrow in her eyes. " Janaila i promise everything will be alright. " Esme said sounding sure of herself. I knodded. Seth squeezed my hand. " Thank you Esme i really apperciate this. " I said tears in my throat. Esme smiled. " Your welcome. " " Now go before the girls come looking for you. " Esme said. Seth led me out . He handed me a helmet and the next thing i knew we were flying down the rode. I felt free and relaxed. It was almost as high as being with Seth. Seth started to slow and i knew we were close to the house. He turned and i saw the glistening lights. A small smile crept up on my lips. The house was still as beautiful as i remembered. Seth helped me take off the helmet. He took my hand leading me up the beautiful home. We couldnt even get to the front door before i was pulled into someone's arms. I realized it was Nessie's. She let go and lead me into the house. All the girls were in the living room.  " Finally we've been waiting for you ." Alice said. I smiled. " All the guys are upstairs ."  Alice said to Seth. I turned to Seth and gave him a kiss. I pulled away and he all laughed at Seth's face. His lips were still poked out and his eyes were closed. I heard someone snap a picture. Seth opened his eyes and scowled at me. I laughed. He gave me one more kiss on top of my forehead before going upstairs.


" Janaila , how do you see your wedding day ? " Alice asked. I smiled. " I want white's and cream's with a touch of sapphire blue.  " It would be simple but with a vintage touch. " I said thinking of Seth in a white tux.  " Your perfect designer is Claire pettibone ." Me and Alice giggled since i finished her sentence. " Yes i love her designs. " " There beautiful. " I said. Alice started doing makeup and Rosalie did hair. Nessie did my nails. I had the urge to check my phone but i knew Alice was smack my fingers. They were stiil sore from the last time. We all snuggled up to watch the hunger games. I felt warm hands wrap around me. I smiled and inhaled Seth's musky scent. I heard giggles and i knew all the guys were down here. The movie ended and i closed my eyes snuggling even closer to Seth's body. I listened to Seth's heartbeat.


up to the smell woke the next morning to the smell of egg's and bacon. I moved softly away from Seth knowing he needed the sleep. I walked into the kitchen. Everyone was around the table. But only Nessie and Jake had a plate. Alice set a plate down on the table. " That's yours." Alice said with a smile. " Thank you. " I sat down and started eating. Everything was delicious. After i got done i made Seth a plate. I took it too him. I pressed my lips to his. I kept pecking him until he started pecking me back. " Goodmorning Handsome. " I said. Seth smiled and pulled me into his lap. I grabbed a piece of egg and fed it to him. " Goodmorning Beautiful. " He said with a mouth full of food. I giggled and playfully scolded him for speaking with his mouth closed.  Seth looked at me and i saw love but i also saw something else. " Tell me." I whispered. Seth took a deep breathe picking me up taking me into the kitchen with the others. " Janaila we all need to tell you something ." Seth said quietly. I looked around the room. To worried faces. My stomach dropped and i felt like i needed to throw up. Edward spoke breaking the silence. " Janaila you know how Seth's a shape shifter ?" Edward said. Alice interuppted him. " Janaila were vampires. " Alice blurted quickly. Everyone said Alice in shock at how bluntly she said it. I looked at Seth. His eyes held nothing but honesty. " They only feed on humans Janaila. " Seth said quickly. I waited for the fear to sink in but it never did. If they didnt hurt me this far. I knew i could trust them. I looked at each other revealing in their beauty. Now all making sense. " So your all vampires ? " " Seth and Jacob are Shape shifters."  " And i'reading m human. " " That sucks. " I said giggling. Soon everyone started laughing. I everyone laughed and everything went back to normal. We'll as normal as it could be considering the circumstances.  I looked at Seth. And i knew this is where i belonged.- So how do you think Janaila handled the Cullen's Secret. Did you love it hate it. Please comment . Thanks for

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Comment by Danielle Nichole Shepherd on October 27, 2012 at 8:37pm

loved it!!!!

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