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What if it never happened - Chapter 14 - Just because were blood doesnt mean anything now doesnt ?

"I think it's time you met my mom." Seth said as i handed him a wet dish . My stomach flipped and i gave Seth are you crazy look. Seth smiled and dried the dish not meeting my eyes. "She wants to meet the girl i'm always talking about." Seth said embarassment coloring his tone. I smiled warmth enveloping me. "Is tommorow night okay ?" I said. Seth looked at me love all in his eyes. "It's perfect." Seth said.


"I'm freaking out." I said to Bella. She smiled. "You remind me so of me sometimes Janaila." Bella said with a small smile. "What if they dont like me B?" I said nervously. Her smile widened. "We'll my dad already love's you and Sue love's everyone." Bella said non-chantely. "What about Leah ?" I said . Bella took a deep breathe. "Leah is a good person she just is lost and hurt." Bella said with sorrow in her voice. "She's going to hate me." I said. "She's not going to hate you." "It's just i think change for Leah is hard." Bella said quietly. I looked at Seth picture on my nightstand. "We'll if it's for Seth im willing to do anything." I said.


I looked at myself in my mirror. I decided to stay simple. I had on a deep cream knit jumper. With some red floral bell-bottom pants. I grabbed my green oxfords and slid them on. I sprayed some twilight woods on me and grabbed my purse. I looked at myself one last time. My hair looked wild but cute. It was curly all over but pulled back on the sides with these clips that Alice found me in her closet full of clothes. They worked perfect with my outfit. Seth honked and i walked downstairs. Esme was sitting on the couch looking through a magazine. She looked at me and a small smiled was placed on her lips. "You look beautiful Janaila." She said giving me a thumbs up. "Remember to be yourself." "There going to love you." Esme said. I smiled and gave Esme a small hug. "If she gives you any trouble call me okay." I said. Esme gave me are you serious look and shooed me out of the door. Seth was waiting at the last step with a big bokay of white lillies. I smiled and basically ran to him. He held me both of us reveling in the moment. We both pulled away. I took the flowers and set them in a bucket on the porch. Seth helped me put on my helmet and we were off. We pulled up to the small "play houses" i called them. Seth helped me take off my helmet. Seth looked at me. "What?" I said self consious. "Your so beautiful Janaila." Seth said. I smiled and stood on my tiptoes to press my lips to Seth's. He pulled me close his warmth steeping through our clothes. I pulled away first breatheless. "Come on lover boy." I said pulling him towards the house. We reached the house and nerves exploding instead of me. Seth wrapped his arm around my waist which relaxed me. He opened the door letting me in first. A beautiful woman who favored Seth welcomed with a warm motherly smile that reminded me of Esme's. She pulled me into a warm hug. "Hi, Sweetie it's nice to finally meet you." She said pulling away. She was beautiful. She had long black sliky hair the was pulled to the side in a braid. Her skin was a light russet. Her eyes were wide and black with small wrinkles that appeared when she smiled. But only made her more beautiful. She was short maybe 5'5 and came to my shoulder. She was just amazing. I looked around the house. It was small and cozy. I smiled. "Your home is beautiful." I said. I loved it. "This is the kind of home i want to live in one day." I said noting the small things. "Thank you." Sue said. "Yall can wash up dinner's ready." "Seth show her where the bathroom is." Sue said. Seth took my hand and led me to the bathroom. "See i told you she was going to love you." Seth said standing behind me. I smiled looking up at him in the mirror. "She's amazing." "She reminds me of how my mom used to be." I said with a sad smile. "Hey , enjoy your night." "You hear me?" Seth said. I smiled. "Yes, sir." I said saluting him. Seth laughed and gently pressed his lips to my neck. I closed my eyes loving the feeling. "Dinner is ready." Charlie said. I opened my eyes giggling. Charlie shook his head walking away from the bathroom. Seth washed his hands quickly. We walked hand and hand into the kitchen.


"So Janaila do you know what you want to go to school for ?" Sue asked. I smiled. "Art." "I love to paint." I said quietly. Seth looked at me in surprise. "I never knew that." Seth said surprise in voice. "I havent painted since my birthday." I said quietly. "Do you know where you want to go?" Sue said. I smiled. I was about to speak before i heard the door open. My stomach dropped and i knew Leah was home. "Your late , you knew we were having company tonight Leah." Sue said as Lead made her plate and sat down. "Leah arent you going to say hello ?" Sue said looking at her dinner. Leah looked up at me and gave me a dry smile and spoke a quiet hello. "So you were saying you wanted to go to school where ?" Charlie said breaking the tension. "Either in New york or California." I said quietly. Seth took my hand squeezing it trying to relax me. "I need a picture for the living room." "I'm willing to pay for it." Sue said. Before i could respond Leah spoke. "Yes, because you know she needs all the money she can get." Leah said disgust in her voice. I dropped my fork and stood up. "Leah Nicole" Sue yelled. "What would you say something like that ?" Seth yelled. "You know she might go crazy like her mother Seth." Leah said looking at me. Seth looked at me. "That's not true you hear me." Seth said to me. Leah looked at me. "I dont know what he see's in you." "Your nothing but a poor charity case." Leah said. "I feel sorry for you." I said before running out. I walked out of the house. I felt a warm hand stop me and turn me. Seth whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I let the tears fall and i replayed everything Leah said to me. I dont know how we ended up on the ground but we did and Seth never let me go.


An -

So , there you go. Chapter 14. I dont know how many chapters this will be but no more than 25. So what did you think of this chapter. Leah, ugh ! She is so bitter. Seth awe. Sue and Charlie adorable. Esme the new babysitter lol. Next Chapter i promise is going to be a fun one . Thanks for reading Muffins Looooooove yah !


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