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What if it never happened - Chapter 16 - The little things are what count the most Pt. 2

We reached the house. I turned to say something but Seth stopped me by pressing his lips to mine. I was caught off guard but soon i matched his slow rymthm. Butterflies were running through my body and i felt alive. Seth pulled away looking at me like i was the only thing that mattered in his world. "Happy Birthday Janaila." Seth said his voice rough. "I love you." I said my voice sounding breatheless. Seth smiled and picked me up pressing his lips to mine once again. He carried me upstairs not stopping until we reached my room. He laid me down on the bed and finally pulled away. My stomach was turning in excitement , love and adrenilne. Seth looked at me. "Take a shower." He said breaking the silence. I looked at him and i knew there was something else. But he was just as nervous as i was. I shook my head grabbing my towel. I pressed my lips to Seth's one last time before heading to the bathroom. I took a quick shower feeling better. I walked to my room to find it empty. I smiled as i thought about Seth. I walked to my closet picking out a light blue polka dot sweater with some overralls. I put some light blue tights with them since it was getting cool outside. I grabbed my boots. My hair was still straight so i braided it back with meeting the two braids with a blue bow. I brushed did a light gold with some glittery blue eye shadow. I sprayed some Twilight woods purfume on me and i was off. I ran downstairs anxious to see Seth. He was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I jumped into his arms. He held me close like it was the first time he held me in years. It made me feel special . It made me feel like i was meant to be here. He pulled away helping me into his leather jacket. It was big but i didnt want it any other way. "We have to go before were late." Seth said opening the door for me. "Where are we going?" I said with a pleading smile. Seth grabbed my helmet putting it on me. "I can't tell it's a secret." Seth said with a big smile. I pouted which i remembered Seth couldnt see because of my helmet. Seth drove off the main rode's onto the highway. I knew we werent staying in town now. Seth started to slow and i knew i started seeing buildings. Then i seen i saw a sign welcoming us to Seattle. I smiled with excitement. Seth slowed in front of a small motel. He helped me off the bike and took off my helmet. He led me into the small motel. We were greeted by a small dark woman. She smiled. "Were with the Cullen's." Seth said. The woman looked at me and her smile grew. "Your a pretty little thang arent you." She said in a small warm voice. I smiled. "Thank you." I said shyly. "Room 3." She said motioning us towards the stairs. "Thank you." She nodded. She looked at Seth. "You take care of that pretty little thang ya hear boy?" The woman said seriously. Seth smiled and looked down at me. "I can promise you that." Seth said with all love in his voice. It warmed my bones. We walked upstairs. Alice was the door waiting for me. Seth gave me a peck on the lips leaving me with Alice. Alice started on me as soon as i got in the door. Everyone was there. They were all dressed in different types of blues. They all looked stunning. Alice stripped me of my clothes. She handed a baby blue strapless peplum top with long royal blue wide leg trousers. I got dressed and she started on my hair. She did a high ponytail with a swooped bang. She had a blue bow which she put on my ponytail. She just touched up my makeup. When she pulled me into a full length mirror i was blown away. I looked beautiful. My skin looked soft to the touch. My eyes sparkled and looked beautiful. My hair was beautiful it looked shiny and full. Everything was so simple but right. I gave Alice the biggest hug. Renesmee walked up to me with a big smile. She was holding a box. "Happy Birthday Janaila." She said handing me the box. I opened the box slowly awed instantly. The jewlery was beautiful. "Besty Johnson?" I said with a big smile. Renesmee smiled. "Thank you so much." Tears filled my throat i was so overwhelmed. Bella hugged me. "Your welcome sweetie." She said. Rosalie helped me put on my jewlery. We all took pictures. I felt like part of the family. Alice looked at the clock and said we should be leaving.


We all filed into a limo and were off. I didnt know where we going. No one told me. The car started to slow and the car parked. Bella covered my eyes leading me into an unknown place. I felt Seth's warm hands take mine soon they left and i knew he was covering my eyes. Seth uncovered my eyes and all i heard was surprise. I opened my eyes and was in shock. I was surrounded by paintings. Everyone was staring at me with huge smiles or taking pictures or videotaping me. I knew i was a mess . Tears were flowing but i had the biggest smile. I looked at Seth. He was watching me. I walked over to him pressing my lips to his. Seth pulled me as close as could be. I wasnt embarassed that everyone was watching. I loved Seth. This was amazing. I pulled away. "You did all of this ?" I said looking at the paintings surrounding me. "With a little help." Seth said. "No Janaila he planned it all out himself i just made the right calls." Alice said. I looked at Seth. "I love you." I said the tears starting all over. "I love you too Janaila." "Happy Birthday."


I turned back to the party. Thats when i spotted them. I couldn't stop myself i was screaming as i ran to Lila.We gripped each other so hard it i couldnt breathe but i didnt care. Lila was crying i was bubblering. I didnt care i was holding my bestfriend. We pulled away i wiped her tears as she wiped mine. She looked the same but beautiful as ever. I didnt realize how much i missed her until i was holding in my arms. I looked to Evan. He had a smile but his eyes were off. I knew instantly and i felt bad. I walked over to him giving him a big hug. I pulled away and looked at both of them. "I can't believe yall are here." I said my voice shakey with tears and excitement. Lila was bouncing with excitement. "J i've missed you so much." Lila said her voice matching mine. I felt a warm hands wrap around my waist. I looked up and Seth had his big warm smile placed on his lips. "It's nice to finally meet Janaila's bestfriends." Seth said. It warmed me to see everyone come together. I looked at Evan and i could feel the anger and sadness coming off. Before i could say anything Alice spoke. "Guys let's dance." She said pulling me to her. She was wiggling around which made me laugh. Seth pulled me to him and soon we were all dancing. I danced with everybody. It was fun. A slow song came on. Seth stopped and looked past me. Evan was standing looking at me. I looked at Seth asking a silent permission. He understood. He nodded. I walked over to Evan . He took my hand with enough space between us. "You look amazing Janaila." He said his voice low. "Thank you." I said quietly. Evan's eyes watered. "You love him ?" He said his voice breaking. "Very much." I said my voice breaking. Evan looked up not being able to look at me. The song started to die and i knew Evan wasnt staying. Evan looked at me as the song ended. His eyes were watery but i knew he wasnt going to cry. Evan smiled a sad smile. "I loved you Janaila." He said as he kissed me on the top of my forehead. He dropped my hands leaving me. My heart ached not with the lost love but with the loss of a friend. I felt Seth take my hand bringing it to his lips. I laid my head on his chest listening to the song of his heart. Ellie's Gouldings - Figure 8 song came on and Seth pressed my body to his moving to the beat of the song. Elle's voice was magical. My tears stopped and i looked at Seth. He was beautiful. My heart stuttered. It was too much and not enough. I knew the love we had was dangerous to lose. But i knew the love we had was right. I stopped Seth pressing my lips to his. "The moment just called for it." I said with a smile.


Everyone's gifts were beautiful. Seth bent down in front of me. My heart stopped and i looked at him. Everyone became quiet. "Janaila Michaels one day your going to be wife." "This ring is a promise to you that one day you will make me the happiest man alive when you became my wife." "I love you so much and thank you for walking into my life." Seth said as he slid a beautiful blue sapphire ring onto my ring finger. I matched his level pressing my lips to his. Everyone clapped. The party winded down and soon everyone left. The air was cool as we left. Seth led me back to the little motel. He told me he got us a room. The room was small but cozy. Seth started a fire as i changed into my pj's Alice had left for me. They were a blue shorts my fuzzy rainbow slippers and a blue tank top. I walked out and Seth was changed into his pj's. The room was warm and smelled like wood. It reminded me of when me and Lila would have our bonfires at home. I smiled. Seth wrapped his arms around me rubbing his nose agaisnt my neck. I turned so i was facing him. "Thank you for everything." I said. Seth looked at me pressing his lips to mine. We fell back but soon it turned to serious again. Seth looked at me asking me if i was okay. I nodded not being able to speak. He pressed his lips to mine and my 15th birthday night was magical.



I hoped you enjoyed these chapters. There on the happier side. Get ready for the next chappy's there going to be tough. Welp , thanks for reading. Mauh !


Songs i wrote too -

Lana del rey - ride Motorcyle ride to Seattle.

Ellie goulding -

Explosion - Evan goodbye song

Figure it - Seth's and Janaila's Slow Song moment

Sweet Dispostion - Magical night ending


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