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What if it never happened - Chapter 17 - How is this all going to fall into place ?

The air was cool against my skin. But it felt refreshing i felt alive. I clung to Seth as he picked up the speed. Everything felt right . In place like it was supposed to be. I laid my head on Seth's back letting the engine's vibrations come through me. I closed my eyes listening to the pur's of the bike. I didnt realize i had fallen asleep until i felt Seth's warmth enclose around me. I opened my eyes slowly. I was met with a sleepy smile. "Sleep Beautiful." He whispered against my lips. I smiled pressing my lips slightly to his letting it lull me to sleep. I opened my eyes my body stiff and cold. I sat up looking around the dim room. I stood up walking out of my room. I walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was glowing. I smiled feeling the glow beneath my skin engulf me. I touched my face slowly remembering how Seth did the same. I brought it to my lips slowly remembering the warmth of his lips pressing agaisnt mine. I blushed remembering how i felt as he pulled me close. The way his breathe rose when i knew it was right. The moment where we so intertwined in our love it felt like i was floating. The way the fear disappeared as i saw his love reflecting mine. I opened my eyes looking at myself. I smiled never wanting to forget the feeling. Never wanting to feel uncomplete again. I walked out of the bathroom. I stopped in front of my mother's room. I opened the door slowly. She was sitting up. She turned to me looking at me with an emotion i hadnt seen in a very long time. She didnt say anything but i could feel it. I could feel the change. Something was going on. Something strange. My mother twitched her lips forming not quite a smile but not a grimace. It scared me but also gave me hope. I didnt say anything. Not knowing what to say. I closed my mother's door her eyes never leaving mine. I walked downstairs to the kitchen. I wanted Seth. No needed him. I took out pans. I grabbed the recipe book looking for something quick. I started reading the directions. It eased me. I got done cooking chicken parmesan. I sat out at the table eating slowly. When i finished i stood up washing everything. When i finished i went to my room grabbing Animal farm. I went back downstairs deciding to sit on the porch. I walked out sitting on one of the chairs. The chair creaked under my weight but it was comftable. I soon got lost in the book. When it started getting cold i decided it was time to go in. I stood up stretching. I walked to the front door. "Janaila?" I heard a deep voice say. I turned slowly frightened. I was met with a face i hadnt seen in a while. "Naivei ?" I said quietly. He smiled a smile that matched mine perfectly. My eyes stung and cold tears slid slowly down my face. "Hi baby." He said walking to me. "Dont come any closer." I said my voice still cold. He stopped hurt coming over him. "Janaila , I'm your father." He said hurt in his voice. I laughed it emotionless. "Who are you ?' My father said as i felt warm hands wrap around me. "Seth Clearwater who are you ?" Seth said his voice defensive mixed with protective. My father took a step back. "Seth meet Naivei my father." I said my tone cold.


An -

So , what did you think ? OOoohwee here we go you'll see in time everything is not what it seems. Hope you enjoyed this ! Thank you for taking the time to read this hot mess. Um , oh what did you think of breaking Dawn pt . 2 I thought it was amazing : ) . Welp , Comment please .



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