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What if it never happened - Chapter 19 - All i know is to protect

We all turned as we heard my mother's voice. My father gasped as he took in her form. He was seeing for the first time what she had become. She wasnt the vibrant spit fire any longer. Her fire had died long ago and was replaced with a brewing volcano that when ready to erupt it was going to be a disaster. My father took a small step closer to my mother. I stepped in front of him blocking his view of her. "I think it's time for you to leave Naivei." I said in a small but demanding voice. "He did that to her ?" He said looking at me with pain in every trace of his being. Anger over took me. "He's not the only one to blame him Naivei." I said coldly. Naivei looked past me towards my mother. "Janaila , i never thought." Before he could even finish what he was saying i stopped him not wanting to deal with all of this right now. "Naivei please." I said looking up at him. Everything was starting to become to much. Cool tears slowly filled my eyes. "I'll be back tommorow." Naivei said in a small voice. I heard the door close as he left. I let the tears fall. I turned to my mother. Her eyes were on the door. I walked over to her. "He's back." She said in a whisper. "Come on lets go back to bed." I said taking her hand. "You made him leave." My mother said in a louder tone. "Please mom lets go back to bed." I said again. "Why did you make him leave Janaila ?" She said yelling now. I didnt have the energy to deal with this right now. "Mom we'll talk about this later lets just go upstairs." I said tugging her now. "No Janaila you made him leave he came back and now he's gone." My mother yelled in my face. Everything exploded in me. I pushed my mother back on the steps. "I havent had my mother but he returns and your suddenly back to life." "Come on now mom i thought you were better than that." I said yelling in her face. My mother had tears streaming down her face. She opened her mouth to say something. "No , shutup." "You dont deserve to say anything." "Your a weak woman." "Your a weak mother." "I hate you." I said barely in a whisper. "Janaila that's enough." Seth said grabbing me. I turned looking at him. He had a worried expression on his beautiful face. I closed my eyes letting everything out. Soon i felt cool arms wrap themselves around me. I heard Bella's sooting voice in my ear telling me everything was going to be alright. I wanted to believe her sweet words but i knew they werent true. Nothing in my life at this point was alright.


An - Wow , i havent written a chapter in so long. But i'm back. I hope everyone had amazing holidays and a Happy New Year. I'm getting back into the swing of things so please bear with me. Welp , thanks for reading. Please review ( :

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