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What if it never happened-Chapter 2-Responsible

I looked at the beautiful greeny around me. My window was down and the cool earth smell hit me. I felt relaxed. Evan started to slow and i saw the little white house. It wasnt something that i would see in a home magazine but it had character and i loved it. Evan pulled into the small driveway. He turned off the car and everyone was silent for a moment. I took a deep breathe smelling the earth again. It relaxed me. "Are we just going to sitt here all day?" I said in a playful tone. Evan looked back at me and gave me a warm smile. "Let's go." He said getting out of the car. Lila followed. I looked at my mom and she was looking at the house. "Mom, you okay?" I said quietly. She turned to me and looked at me. Her eyes were dark and looked lifeless. My stomach flipped. I turned from her and got out of the car. I walked to the trunk and grabbed a box. Evan was walking out as i walked in. "We put everything where it was supposed to expect the bedroom stuff that's in the living room." He said with another warm smile. "Thankyou." I said my emotions welling up. I think Evan felt that because he gripped me in his arms. He was warm and had a warm manly but with a sweetness in there. "Come on lovebirds we have to finish before i passout from starvation." Lila said with a teasing smile. I pulled away from Evan and stuck my tongue out at Lila. We finished unpacking. I gave my mom the bigger room. We set her bed up made it. I laid her down knowing she wouldnt be moving. I walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself. I looked tired. I sighed and splashed some water on my face. I dried my face off and walked back downstairs. Lila and Evan were in the kitchen putting stuff away. "Guys, you dont have too." I said smiling. Lila turned to me and rolled her eyes. Evan didnt even turn my way. I walked over a grabbed the cup out of his hand. He looked at me and smiled. My stomach filled with butterflies and i couldnt help but smile. I turned from him and leaned back on the sink. "Let's eat." I said rubbing my stomach. "We could go the diner." Lila said. I nodded. Just wanting to eat."Let me go the restroom then we can go." She said walking out of the kitchen. I watched as Evan grabbed the cup out of my hand and set it down on the counter. He grabbed my hand using it to pull me closer to him. He moved his hand and cupped my cheek. He bent in and i feel the coolness of his breathe on my lips. We had never gotten this close before and it was clouding my mind. "Ready?" Lila said. I pushed Evan away and Lila had a knowing smile on her lips. She shook her head. She turned and walked away. I followed. We all got in the car. Lila was asking me questions about the house like nothing had just happened.


We got to the diner and we all ordered. "So, your going to paint the house all by yourself?" Lila said. "Yes, Mam." I said. Lila shook her head. "We'll you'll have to start soon before it starts to snow." Lila said. "Were going to try to come as much as possible." Lila said with a sad smile. "Hey, i'm going to be fine." I said trying to sallow my tears. The waitress brought back our food and we all ate like it was our last meal. "Hey, Lila and Evan." I looked up and stopped chewing. The girl no goddess was brunette. Her eyes were brown and she was beautiful. She gave me a warm smile. "You must be Janaila, I'm Bella Cullen." You said again in her voice that sounded like bells. Everyone was staring and i knew it was weird. I kicked Lila under the table. She looked away and spoke a quiet hello. I smiled. Evan was looking at his plate. "Bella, i guess these were them." I looked up and my heart skipped a beat. He was amazing. His skin was the same color as Bella's. He looked like he was craved out of granite. His hair was brown with a tint of red to it. Like a shiny new penny. His eyes were the prettist shade of gold. He looked at Bella and he had all the love in his eyes. They were a beautiful couple. I looked away and he spoke up again. "Hello I'm Edward Cullen." He spoke polietly. I glanced quickly at him and forced myself to say hello. I looked back down not wanting to stare. "So, you brought my dad's house?" Bella said. I looked up meeting Bella's eyes. I really looked at them and they werent just brown they seemed like they had little speckles of gold in them. "Yes, he was really generous." I said. Bella smiled and it made me smile. "We'll i'm happy you liked it." "Maybe i can help you with the renovations and stuff." Bella said sweetly. I smiled. "No, i'll be okay but thankyou." I said. Bella took out a piece of paper and wrote quickly. "Here's my number if you need anything." She said with a sweet smile. I took the paper and looked at her beautiful handwriting. "Thankyou." I said quietly. "We'll we better be going." Bella said looking at Edward. Edward smiled. "Everyone have a goodnight." He said standing up with Bella's hand in his. They looked perfect together like they were meant for each other. I looked at Evan. He was looking at me. He was cute. He had dark brown hair like Lila's. His eyes were a light hazel brown. His skin still slightly tanned from the sun of the summer. He wasnt cute he was handsome. He smiled sending butterflies into my stomach. I felt something tap me under the table. I looked at Lila. "You all ready?" She said with a secret smile. I smiled and nodded. I packed up some food and we left. I kept my window done letting the cool early september air hit my face. The earthy smell that i had come to love relaxed me. We pulled into the driveway. We all came in and they start setting up blankets and stuff on the floor. I walked upstairs and took a deep breathe before walking into my mothers room. She wasnt on her bed. She was by the window looking out into the night sky. There were tears running softly down her cheeks. She turned to me and for the first time in over a year it seemed like she was really looking at me. I was about to say something but she stood up and laid down on the bed. My heart sank. I set the food down on her nightstand. I turned from her not being able to look at her any longer. I walked out of her room and closed the door behind me. I slid down slowly until i could pull my knees to my chest. My eyes burned but i wasnt strong enough to even cry.



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