The Twilight Saga

What if it never happened - Chapter 20 - Letting go is sometimes the best thing to do

I watched as the tree's passed by. The cool air sweet from the light rain. Daughter's voice floating around me. The car started to slow. My heart beat rose slightly. We all got out. I opened the back seat door. She wouldnt look at me. Tears filled my eyes. My heart tug. I helped her out of the car. She didnt put up a fight. I took her hand. Her grip was loose on mine. Her hand was cool and brittle. We walked to the small building. We walked in we were hit with a sweet almost to sweet small. A woman with light brown hair and a too big smile for her petite face greeted us. She nodded waiting for our arrival. A doctor came out. She was pretty in an ordinary way. She gave me a sad smile. I turned to my side looking her straight in the eye. "I'm sorry i wasnt enough." I said tears stuck in my throat making it hard to speak. She looked at me. Her eyes held sorrow and pain. For what i didnt know. I dropped her hand. She looked down at our now loose hands. This was the moment she realized i wasnt coming back. Tears fell softly as i turned my back on her. I walked out of the building my tears stopped. My aching heart quiet. Everything around me felt numb. He took my hand pulling me close. I could hear his pulsing heart. I felt a cool hand rubbing a hand up and down my back. We all got in the car. My head in his lap. My feet in her's. There was soft music playing. I closed my eyes seeing nothing but darkness. I dont know when we stopped. He carried me up to a room. He laid me down. I listened to his heartbeat. That's when i felt it. "You need to stop loving me." I said quietly but it sounded like i was screaming. "Dont do this." He said in a tired voice. "You deserve better than me." I said. "You deserve someone with a big family that can love you." "Someone that can make you happy." "Someone that knows how to love." "I cant give you any of that." I said barely in a whisper. He made me look at him. "You make me happy just seeing you smile , giggle even breathe." He said looking me straight in the eye. "You do have a big family." "We all love you were made for us." He said. I opened my mouth to say something but stopped. "You do know how to love you have one of the biggest hearts ive ever seen." "You've shown me much you can love by putting your needs aside and taking care of someone that should have been taking care of you." "Making sure your happy." "Making sure your loved." "Now it's my responsibility to take care of you." "I'm not going anywhere." He said tears in his eyes. "Let me love you please." He said pleading with me. "Let me love you Janaila." Seth whispered to me.


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