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What if it never happened - Chapter 21 - Morph

My eyelids were warm. I opened them slowly. I found i was in Seth's room. The bed was cool. Seth had been gone for a while. I sat up grabbing one of his shirts and shorts to pull over my cami and boyshorts. I walked out of the door to hear giggling. I walked down the hall and all i saw was brown beautiful long hair. Almost as beautiful's as Bella's. Seth looked up his smile widening. "Goodmorning Gorgeous." He said standing up walking over to me. The girl turned around and she was stunning. She had petite features. Her eyes a light gray. She stood up and she was about the same height as me about 5'6. She had small curves that fit her perfectly. Seth pressed a kiss agaisnt my forehead. "Janaila , This is my bestfriend Kalina." Seth said. She smiled which was perfect. "Hi." She said. I stared at her. Something was brothering me about her. Seth tightened his hold on me. "Hello." I said quickly. "I'm sorry i'm still not all the way awake." I said trying to lighten the awkardness. She gave me a small smile which didnt reach her eyes. "There's some breakfast left." Seth said leading me to the table. "Who cooked ?" I said quietly. "Kalina , she got here early this morning." Seth said with a huge smile. My heart ached. "I'm going to freshen up and then i'm going to head out." I said working my way out of Seth's grip. I looked at him giving him a small smile. I walked to the bathroom. I regretted looking into the mirror. My face had sleep marks everywhere. My hair was puffy looking like a beehive. I'm pretty sure my breathe didnt smell the best. I groaned. Cleaning my face quickly and brushing my teeth. I walked out the bathroom walking to Seth's room. I found my jeans and hoodie. I dressed quickly. I wrapped my bag around me. I made sure i had everything. I walked back to the living room. Seth and Kalina were sitting on the couch. Seth looked up at me worry etched into his features. "I'll text you." I said. "I can take you home." Seth said standing up. "I want to walk." I said looking him straight in the eyes. He knodded. "It was nice to meet you Kalina." I said addressing her for the first time. She smiled brightly at me. "Likewise." She said. Her smile didnt reach her eyes. Thats what was wrong with her. "I'll come by later." Seth said. "Don't i have a buttload of studying plus i work today." I said quickly. I walked over to him giving him a kiss on the forehead. "I'll text you." I left him with that and walked out of the house. The air was crisp. I dug in my pocket for my ipod. I found it and instantly popped it into my ears. I turned it up as loud as it could go. Adele blasting in my eyes. I got home. I instantly stripped down taking a long hot bath. I decided on a tiger shirt with leather sleeves. Some black high waisted jeans. With my black high tops i just finished studding. I kept my makeup simple. Just golds and bronzes. I combed my hair into a high bun letting pieces on the sides be curled. I looked at myself. I saw a pretty girl staring back at me but i felt ugly inside. My thoughts kept running back to Seth and Kalina. About what was so funny this morning ? What they talked about when i was in the restroom. I shook my head knowing i was being a crazy girlfriend. I turned off the light grabbing my books and bag. I stuck my phone in shirt. I locked everything up heading to the bookstore. I walked to the back room. Kyle was back there. He had his earphones in. He was reading a book. I smiled. I slammed my purse agaisnt the table. Kyle jumped. I giggled giving him a small wave. He took his earphones out. "Really Janaila , you just couldn't help yourself ?" Kyle said with a smile. "No , sweet Kyle i couldn't." I said with a smile of my own. "You look nice today." Kyle said looking me up and down. I suddenly felt self - consious. When Kyle's eyes met mine i was surprised to see sadness found in his eyes. "Thanks bud." I said trying to lighten the mood. "Anytime." "You know the store doesnt open for another hour ?" Kyle said. "Mmhmm , i needed to study so i thought aye why not go to the store and study killing two birds with one stone." I said tapping my finger against my chin. "Okay , Janaila we'll you have fun doing that." Kyle said sticking his earphone back in. I set my stuff down and walked out the the front. I opened my social studies book and soon found myself lost in the depression. A soft voice brought me out my of my thoughts. I looked up to see Esme smiling kindly at me. "Hi." I said with a wide smile. "Hello , Janaila." She said handing me the book. I looked at it seeing it was a home diy repair book. "Doing another renovation ?" I said ringing the book out. "You know me dear always having a new project to keep me busy." Esme said quietly. "Maybe one day i can help you with one." I said handing her the bagged book. Her smile was soft and inviting. "I would love that." She said. "We wanted to invite you over for dinner." Esme said. "I'll be there around 6 right ?" I said. "Yes , you know how Renesmee is when she's hungry." Esme said with a beautiful laugh. I joined in thinking back to a time when i did see Ness hungry it was not pretty. "I'll see you soon Janaila." Esme said walking out of the door. My shift went pretty quickly. We were busier today with college students needing books. But it kept my mind off of Seth. I grabbed my stuff and walked home in the cool air. October in forks felt like December. Noted i would need to wear a coat.


I got back to the dark house. I saw that i had an hour. I freshened up quickly. I decided to change into a short mini printed love fitted dress. I kept my hair up. I put on a gold necklace with skull earrings and gold rings. I kept my hot tops on. I added a bit of black to my eye giving me a soft smoky eye. I found this cute denim trench coat at the thrift store for $6.00. I put that grabbing my little black studded bag. I made sure everything was locked up. The air was cool. I wasn't scared to walk in the forest any longer because i knew what was hiding in the showers. My walk began to get brighter and brighter as i reached the beautiful home. I walked up the stairs slowly. I knocked once before the door was flung open and i was pulled into Resnesmee's warm embrace. "Hi , weve been waiting for you." She said letting me go. If you didnt know it you would think me and her hadnt seen each other in forever. Me and Renesmee had gotten really close but the one i clicked with was Bella. She was completely different than Lila but she still understood me like her. She pulled me into her arms giving me a cool hug but it felt very warm. Alice was next gushing over my outfit. Emmett picked me up like i weighed nothing. My heart tugged as i realized how much i missed everyone. I knew why Esme invited me she wanted me to be back into the family. They loved me. It brought tears to my eyes. How could i have missed this. I felt a warm hand touch my arm. I looked up to see a hurt Seth staring down at me. I couldnt look away from him. His eyes held a pain that was shooting straight to my heart. Cracking it. "Why havent you been asking my phone calls Janaila ?" Seth said his voice thick with hurt and anger. "My phone's been off all day i forgot about it." I said my voice shaky. "So , you havent been avoiding me ?" Seth said his voice thicker with anger now. His grip was tightening on my arm. I had never seen him like this before. "No." I said a lump growing in my throat. My arm was burning and going numb at the same time. But i didnt care. Seth was hurting. I was hurting. It was all that mattered at that moment. "Dinner's ready." A voice said. I turned to see Kalina staring at us. I pulled my arm away from Seth. "Thanks." I said quickly rushing past Kalina. My heart was ripping. I was having a panic attack. I hadnt had one in a while. I needed air. I walked outside. I inhaled the cool air. Tears were burning my eyes. I kept them there though. I turned and looked at the dark night. I closed my eyes inhaling more ear. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to punch Seth and pull Kalina's hair. But what would that help ? Nothing it would just add more problems. I took another deep breathe feeling my heart calm but it still ached. I walked back into the house. Everyone looked at me worry all in their faces. There was one face i didnt reconize though. He was beautiful. He had beautiful caramel skin with dark brown eyes and long black hair that was pulled into a braid that hit the middle of his back. He gave me a small smile. "Is everything alright ?" Bella said bringing me out of the daze. "Mmhmm , i'm fine." I said with a small smile. Bella looked at me not believeing me. But i knew she wouldn't push me. We all sat down. We were having Renesmee's favorite. Spahgetti. This was the best spahgetti i had ever tasted. It was slightly sweet. "So , Janaila how is school ?" Carlisle said starting conversation. "It's good everything is pretty easy." I said. "I think i'm going to sign up for Drama club and the debate team." I said with a small smile. "I'm signing up for drama club too." Ness said. "You'll be perfect for it Ness." Bella said making the table laugh in agreement. "Maybe you can show Kalina around since she'll be going to school with you." Esme said. My stomach dropped. The ache turning into a stabbing. "That's okay i've already got it together Esme." Seth said. The whole table quieted. "May i have some more ?" A deep voice asked. "Of course Nahuel." Esme said. He made hisself another helping. "Janaila , remember when you said you would like to help me with one of my projects ?" Esme said trying to ease the tension at the table. "Yes." I said wanting her to continue. "We'll how about i help you fix up your house ?" Esme said excitement in voice. I smiled. "Of course thank you." I said smiling at Esme. "Were having pie for dessert." Esme said standing up walking to the kitchen. Everyone were in there own conversations. "Hello." A deep voice behind me speaks. I turn already knowing it's the beautiful stranger. "Hi." I say with a shy smile. "I'm Nahuel and your Janaila." He says with a huge smile. I nodd. "Your very beautiful Janaila." Nahuel says making my insides explode. "Thank you it's one of my good days any other day i look like an alien." I said joking lightly trying to lighten his words. He smiles. "I'm pretty sure that's not the case." Nahuel says. "Where are you from Brazil." He says. "What are you ?" I say quietly. Nahuel smiles. He is stunnling beautiful but there's something about him that doesnt scream full vampire. Almost like Ness. He brings his face lightly to my face. His skin is warm like Ness's. "Your a hybrid too ?" I say. Nahuel nods. "Here you go." Seth said setting a piece of pie in my lap. I look up at him seeing all jealousy now. "It's been a long time Nahuel." Seth says in an borderline unfriendly tone. "It has." Nahuel says in a matching tone. Nahuel looks down at me. "I hope you enjoy the rest of your night." Nahuel says with a small smile. I nodd. Nahuel walks away from me and Seth and over to Alice and Jasper. "We need to talk." Seth says in a tone daring me too reject him again. I can't talk to him tonight though. I need to go home and curl up into the bed. I need to wake up and be a new day. I need to let these strange feelings go for a stranger. To forget nahuel's beautiful face and remember Seth's. So i cannot talk to Seth tonight because all it result in his an argument which words will be said that we don't mean. I look at Seth. The tears rolling down my cheeks now. I make no effort to hide them. I see in his face he wants to care. But he can't not tonight. Not after i hurt him. I find Esme hug her and tell her goodnight and thank you for threading me back in the family circle. I hug Carlisle. I dont look them in the eyes knowing i'll see nothing but worry. I hug Bella. Her eyes piece my face but i can't look at her. I say goodnight to everyone else. Seth's back is turned to me. Kalina has her arms wrapped around him. She looks at me. I see her staking her claim. Jealously runs through my viens. I feel it in my fingers the itch to slap her. As i walk towards her a warm hand grabs me. "Beautiful girls are the ones that make the ugliest mistakes." Nahuel's voice whispers in my ear. I turn to him. "Watch walking in the night you never know what is truly lurking in the darkness Janaila." Nahuel says still in a whisper. Tears fall softly down my cheeks. I walk out into the cold night. I walk and walk until i reach my empty house. I strip down walking to my room. I wrap myself in my blanket. Tears rush and rush. My heart throbs. I gasps for breathes. But soon it all stops. I close my eyes and my dreams morph to beautiful faces together.


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Song that i wrote too - Daughter - Still

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