The Twilight Saga

What if it never happened - Chapter 23 - Sometimes saying Goodbye is the best thing you can do

Everything was packed. I looked at the bare home. It was the way i bought it. I smiled thinking about how far it had come. "You ready ?" Naivei said. "Yeah." I said looking at the place one more time. I walked out of the house locking it up one more time. My stomach flipped. I put the keys in the mailbox. I got into Naivei's truck. He drove slowly through the woods. I watched as the tree's passed. I would miss everything about the forest. We reached the house. "I'll only be a few minutes." I said as i closed the door. I walked slowly towards the house. I knocked once before the door was opened by Renesmee and she was pulling me into her arms. I felt cool tears on my shoulder. Tears fell softly down my cheeks matching the tear stains on her shirt now. We both blubbered until Bella pulled Renesmee away from me. Bella hugged me tightly. "I'll see you later." She said giving me a small smile. Edward gave me small hug but it said enough. Alice couldn't cry but her face still held a sadness that touched my core. She hugged me tightly too and Jasper had to pull her away too. Jasper took my hands giving me a sense of calm. It was his way of saying goodbye. Rosalie gave me a small hug like Edward's but it showed they cared. Emmett gave me a big hugg. "Take care Little girl." He said to me with a sad smile. Esme had the same look Bella and Alice did. But her's hit home. I could barely see through the stream of tears i had falling. Esme took my face in her hands making me look at her. I remember when my mom would do that. It made my heart burn. "You take care of yourself." "Janaila , everything has a way of working it's way out." "Remember that." Esme said before giving me a small kiss on the head and giving me the warmiest hug i ever received. Carlisle gave me a kiss on the forehead and a warm hug too. "We'll miss you." He whispered to me before leading me to the door. They all stood by the door. I looked at each beautiful face one last time. "Thank you for everything I love you guys." I said barely being able to speak. "We love you too Janaila." Esme said. I closed the door behind me making myself run to the car. I hated myself more than ever. "Are you alright ?" Naivei asked taking in my state. "Drive." Naivei looked at me. "Drive." I yelled. Naivei pulled out quickly. I turned back around looking back at the house my breathe being taken away as i saw Seth in wolf form staring straight at me.


The drive was long and exhausting. I felt i was on autopiolet. I knew i looked horrible by the gasps i heard from Lila and her mother. Evan carried me in the house. Laying me on something comftable. I curled up letting sleep over take me.



An - Songs i wrote too - Twilight Score

This was a shorter one. But thanks for reading. Please comment.

P.s. I don't own Twilight. But i dont own Janaila and her plot (story) !

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