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What if it never happened - Chapter 24 - Now we know

"Janaila Michaels." Mr. Roberts called my name into the microphone. People appauled i heard Janine and Evan hooting. I smiled grabbing my dipolma. I looked at my Mr. Roberts mouthing thankyou. He nodded in a welcomed gesture. Everything was a blur after that. Soon i found Lila pulling me to my feet and us throwing our hats in the air. We made it. We made it through high school. Happy Tears flowed freely down my face as i pulled Lila into my arms. "We did it bestfriend." I whispered to her. She hugged me tighter in agreement. Later that night Lila was looking at herself in the mirror on her door while i was in the bathroom looking at myself. "You almost ready ?" Evan yelled upstairs. "Mmhmm." Lila murmured down the stairs. "Do i look alright ?" Lila asked me. I turned and looked at my bestfriend. She looked incredible. She had on a bustier that had straps. With a printed pencil shirt. Her hair was down in full curls with a cute little studded beanie. Her earrings from her dad which were insanely exprensive were glistening. She had on the pink cuff i made her last summer. And her simple but none the less beautiful heart ring her boyfriend Jason got her. The outfit was topped off with the black studded boots i did for her.  Her makeup was light pink and bronzes. Her lips a babydoll pink. Lila was stunning. "You look like Marylin Monroe met Taylor Momsen." "It's perfect Lila." I said at my grinning bestfriend. She looked at me and nodded her hair in approval. "Janaila , i wish i had your body oh my gosh you look amazing." Lila said all in one breathe. "Thank you." "We should go before Evan comes and gets us." I say laughing. Lila laughs and walks back to her room. I look at myself one last time in the mirror. My hair is up but it's in big curls. My bang is straight. My hair is topped off by a dark colorful leopard print oversized bow. My makeup is golds with a touch of neon yellow. I have on red lipstick. My shirt is a rainbow crop top i got from the thrift store for 2 dollars. I have on high-waisted shorts with a babydoll pink belt. That i made from some of Janine's old jeans. I put on Evan's old gold shoes he hated which i loved. I kept my jewlery simple. Gold hoops and a gold chain ring. I looked at myself. My heart was racing. "Relax , it's just a party." I whispered to myself. "You ready ?" Lila said standing in the doorway. I looked at my bestfriend i could see worry in her eyes. I gave her a big smile. "Yes." I said. I took her arm in mine. We walked down the stairs. Janine stood up taking us in. She smiled giving us her approval. Janine was a born and raised hippie so her parenting styles were a bit different. She grabbed her camera and started snapping pictures. We did goofy poses. It was fun and freeing at the same time. The ache in my heart was dull but i knew tonight it would accelerate again. In this moment though i was going to be young and free. "Mom , don't you think Lila is showing to much skin ?" Evan said. His mother looked at him patting her hand on his shoulder. "Oh dear son you don't have a body like that for very long so you mine as well show it off." Janine said giving me and Lila a wink. Evan groaned and told us to come on. "Have fun girls don't do anything i wouldn't do." Janine said with a knowing smile.


The party was in full swing when we got there. There were people everywhere. Lila found Jason and they were off. Evan found his girlfriend Sabrina. The ache intensified but before i could run a warm hand touched my arm. I turned around to see Nahuel smiling down at me. "Hello old friend." Nahuel said his accent barely there. I pulled him too me. He smelled like woods with a musky scent. Reminding me of "him." The ache was starting to became unbearable. Nahuel pulled back looking at me. "You alright ?" He said brushing a piece of hair out of my face. "It's just a surprise to see you that's all." I say taking in the beautiful man in front of me. He smiles. "I hope it's a pleasant surprise." Nahuel says.Before i can answer though a beautiful woman speaks. "Nahuel it was her." She says looking at me with a warm smile. "Yes Janaila , Britina , Janaila." Nahuel says looking at the beautiful woman with all love. "Hello." I say. She pulls me into a hug. She pulls away. "Congrats." She says. "Thank you." I said slightly with confusion. "You graduated right ?" Nahuel says. "Yes." "Thank you." "How did you know ?" I say. Britina and Nahuel look at each other. "We graduated too." Nahuel says. "Also we got engaged today." Britina says holding up her hand. I look at the ring. It's a small diamond but it's beautiful and looks beautiful on her hand like it was meant to be there. "Congrats." I say. I look at Britina. Her skin is slightly tanned. Her hair is a dark black. Her eyes sky blue lighter then Evans. Her features wide. She's beautiful. "How did yall meet ?" I say truly interested. "She came after you left." "It was like you left and she fit the circle perfectly." Nahuel said. The pain in my chest almost made me drop to my knee's. "Nahuel !" Britina said. "He didnt mean it like Janaila." She says quickly. Nahuel realizes his wording. "Janaila , no i didnt mean it like that." "I'm sorry." Nahuel says quickly stumbling over his words. "It's fine." I say. My voice shaky. "Everyone is here." Nahuel says. I look at him. "Thank you." I say. I look at Britina. "It was nice meeting you." I say. "I'll make sure i send you a wedding invite." She says sorrow in her eyes. "You better." I say with a weak smile. I turn to leave. I'm face to face with him.


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