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What if it never happened - Chapter 26 - Seeing you for the first time it feels like .

I woke up the air muggy. It was going to be a warm day. It brought a smile to my lips. I shook Chance. "We should go swimming." I whisper. He smiles and presses his lips lightly to mine. I know thats a yes. I jump up basically running to get my stuff together. I'm exicted this is the first swim of my summer. I took out the swimsuit Lila sent me. It was a bronze two piece. When she sent it too me i called her wondering what was going through her mind. I wasnt fat but i wasnt a small girl. I had an hour glass figure. But when i put the swimsuit it was perfect. It hugged everything the way it was supposed to. It brought out the gold tones in my skin. And it was comfy. I unbraided my hair leaving it wild and unruly. I grabbed my coverup and flipflops. Chance was waiting on the bed. He hand on his shorts and flipflops with towels in hand. He looked at me with approval. I smiled shyly. "Ready." I said making him look at me. "Heck yeah." He said with his boyish grin. I giggled. I dont know what it was today but i felt good. Chance took my hand and as soon as we hit the doors we started running. I laughed and laughed. I laughed until my laughs turned into screams. I hit the cool water that felt amazing on my skin. Chance and i came up at the same time. We laughed and splashed like two teenagers. I felt so light. It almost felt unreal. We needed this. That night at the first get together i didnt even know who we were anymore. But right now in this small moment. It made me remember. It made me remember the boy who didnt look at the world in black and white like me. He felt pain and wasnt afraid to face it. Unlike me. He let me hide behind me but he reached around it and found me someone in it. He never fully pulled me through but he had my hand letting me feel the warmth of his light. His light had sparks which no one could dim. Differing him from Seth. I could break Seth. While i couldn't break Chance because he was already broken. But he still managed to create a light from within it may not be much but it kept us both alive. I pulled Chance to me giving him a big sloppy kiss. We both laughed as we pulled away. We played in the water until the sun started going down. I was exhausted but never more satisfied. As we got out of the water. Chance started trying to take my towel. I laughed and ran away from him. He was faster and caught me. We tugged and pulled until we fell. "We'll this is a pleasant surprise." A deep voice said. I looked up to find Edward staring down at me with an amused smile. I got up quickly. Trying to brush sand off of me. "Hi Janaila , and you are ?" Edward said looking at us with the same amused expression. "This is my fiance Chance ." "Chance this is Edward." I say shyly. Chance nods in hello. Edward the same. I hear Bella saying something to Edward but she stops as she takes me and Chance in. She looks shocked but before i can say anything she is grabbing me in a big hug. "It's been too long Janaila." Bella says in a whisper. I dont realize how much i missed her until she is in my arms. "It has." I say trying to speak past the lump in my throat. "And who is this ?" She asks as she pulls away. "This is my fiance Chance." "Chance this is my other best friend Bella." I say with a proud smile. Chance stares at Bella for a beat too long before murmuring a hello. I look behind Bella and Edward to see everyone staring at me and Chance. I look at Chance who is staring at every beautiful face. I take his hand making him look at me. He shakes his head lightly. "Come on." Bella takes my other hand.


I think how this must look. Me and Chance are soaken wet. Sand everywhere. We probably look crazy. I squeeze Chance's hand. He looks down at me and smiles. "Something to tell our grandkids." Chance whispers to me. I smile even though i feel the unknown person making it's way into my body. I stop in front of Esme. I wrap my arms around her. She hugs me back just as tight. No words or spoken but you can feel every regret , love and sadness wrapped into this hug. I pull away and she wipes away some of my tears. I hug Carlisle. He laughs saying i got sand all over him. I laugh. I introduce them to Chance he gives each of the warm smiles. Alice hugs me so tight i can't breathe but i don't care. We laugh and she gushes over my now red hair. She takes in engagement ring saying it "pretty" . I smile seeing in her eyes the wasnt the engagement ring she saw. Jasper greeted me with a warm smile. Rosalie gave me a big hug which surprised me. Emmett gave me a big bear hug. "Welcome home little sis." He said with me. I laughed. The whole pack was staring at me. There expression hard. I didnt expect anything less though. I smiled and waved though. "Hello Janaila." Seth said in a cool tone. I turned to look at someone i dreamed about every night. Seth was still stunnling handsome. Chance wrapped his arm around my waist. Seth watched the movement. He made his way back to my face. I looked for the pain in his but found nothing. It broke my heart. Kalina was at his side. She looked well. She had a few worry lines around her eyes but she was still beautiful. "Hi Seth." I say in a low tone. "Seth , this is my fiance Chance." I say looking back at Chance. Chance is emotionless but i know he's brewing inside. Seth looks down at my ring finger. That's when i see the pain in him. It shouldn't make me happy but it does. He still cares. He looks at me. Like looks at me through everything and see's me. He seeing me fake happiness. He seeing me dream about him. He's seeing me prolong this engagement until i can't any longer. He's seeing me have a huge wedding with a huge dress that i hate. Kalina rubs his arm to calm him but he moves away from her. It's a small movement but it's enough. It's enough for me to see that i made a mistake. That i pushed Seth away because i was afraid that he didnt love me enough that he couldnt love me enough. But it was me that was afraid. I feel everything around me crumble. I keep myself together though. Seth can feel it though. Every pain and Ache. Was him. It makes sense why our hearts were one any longer. Seth's heart slowed because he knew i was the one so his beat was steady filling in the places where my beat was too fast. But i didnt feel that. I destroyed us not Seth. "Congratulations Janaila." Seth says his voice low but i can hear the anger behind his words. He turns and walks away from us. I want him to stay. I want him to take me away and love me. But i know i'm too Late. Chance squeezes me hand. He looks at me and he see's it. "We would like to make an announcement" Renesmee says in a clearly excited voice. Jake is standing next to her beaming. "Were pregnant." She yells. Everyone cheers and claps. They all run to her. I let her have her moment. Renesmee is glowing. I know she is going to be a great mother.


Everything settles down. I'm tired , exhausted and feel like a raisin. "You ready ?" Chance says. I stand up taking his hand in mine. But soon a song starts playing. The lyrics flow through me. I instantly remember where i heard this song. "Let's dance." I whisper to Chance. He smiles a tired smile. He following my lead. I put his hands on my hips. His hands are cool. I find the beat. Soon me and Chance are moving in sync. I turn around so my back is to Chance's front. His body is warm against me. I close my eyes letting the music flow through me. I feel Seth's eyes on me. I open my eyes to see Seth and Kalina dancing. There mimicking our movements. He remembers. I turn back to Chance looking him straight in the eyes. I mouth the words to him. Before i can turn around i feel a switch of warm hands. I'm face to face with him. He spins and brings me back to him. My body is one with his. I close my eyes. "Look at me." Seth says. I open my eyes finding nothing but love. I stop moving standing on my toes to whisper in his ear. We're children of the bad revolution And partying is our only solution And I'mma tell any confusion About who we are and what we're gonna be
We're children of the bad revolution
And partying is our only solution
And I'mma tell any confusion
About who we are and what we're gonna be
We gonna get free free free free
Free free free get free
We gonna get free.


I back away from a breatheless Seth. I turn to Chance. I take his hand and we leave the party. We walk back to the room. I lock myself in the bathroom. I turn on the shower water. I scrub myself until my skin is red. I dress quickly. Chance is sitting on the bed. He looks at me. Nothing but pain and understanding is found in his features. He pulls me to him he plays with my ring. He puts his hand on my heart. "I wish i could hate you." He says tears falling down his face. I hear the honesty in his voice. "He does too you know." "You can see it." "But he doesnt." "You make it so hard Janaila." Chance says to me his dark gray eyes cloudy from pain. He gets up giving me a light kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.


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