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What if it never happened - Chapter 27 - Decisions are bigger than choices

I stare at the back of Chance's head. I see little specks of gray in his deep brown hair. His breathing is slow. The air is still muggy. I feel itchy. I sit up walking to the bathroom grabbing my gray one- piece i had it for a few years it was worn but comfy. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I grabbed my towel. I walked out of the room quietly. They had a pool inside the resort. I opened the door quietly. I got into the cool water instantly feeling refreshed. I laid on my back floating closing my eyes loving the feeling of the coolness against my skin. I don't know how long i floated but it didnt matter i felt free which was a feeling i grasped on too. The energy in the room changed. Your so close it's like your buzzing against me. I slowly open my eyes to see you staring at me. I feel self - consious. I'm happy and scared that your here. Your face is non- expressive. You step closer to me taking my hand in yours. Your hand is so warm sending vibrations throughout my whole body. Your hand travels slowly up my arm until it reaches the middle of my chest right above my heart. You look at me. "You understand now." You whisper. Tears fill my eyes. I let them fall. Your hand wipes them away slowly leaving a burning trail behind. Your hands fall softly to my waist. Your moving me closer to you. Your eyes never leaving mine. I look at you. Like really look at you. Your even more beautiful than when we were younger. Your face is more sculptured. You have the tinest lines around your eyes. Your eyes are aged as well. I know i've done this. More tears fall down my face. "Your so beautiful." You whisper to me. I smile remembering all the times you called me this. You bend in closely i can feel your breathe on my lips. It's excatly the same scent you had years ago. Every ache every pain i've the last 12 years is gone. I feel nothing but love. It's overwhelming but what i need. You look at me begging me to let this happen. To let us finally be happy. "I won't be that girl Seth." I say in a whisper. "I was the girl who broke your heart i wont be the girl to end your marriage too." I say. You turn walking away from me. I stay in the pool until the sun rises. I get out walking back to my room. Chance is still asleep. I go to the bathroom. I let my ipod play softly in the back ground. Lykke li's beautiful voice bringing me to tears. I sit in the shower letting the water fall on me. Tears pouring.


"I'll be back in a few hours." Chance says softly to me. He kisses the top of my forehead. I lay in the bed looking out at the water. We have the best few in the whole resort. I feel the itch in my fingers to paint. I haven't painted in years. Instead i went to school for fashion my second love. But it still never matched the high i felt when i painted. Chance has never seen any of my paintings. I probably will never show him one. I make myself get out of bed. I dressed in a lilac button up with floral leggings. My floral boots. A vintage ring my boss gave me. And some mixed up color earrings. My hair was up in a messy bun little curls out everywhere. I didnt feel like putting on any makeup. I walked out of the room. I walked to the lobby. Kalina was talking to Emily. I stopped but it was too late they both seen me. Kalina had a sneer. While Emily greeted me with a pleased smile. "I really love your red hair." Emily said breaking the silence. I smiled. "Thanks i just woke up and me and Lila did it." I say missing my bestfriend. "Red to me only looks on Ronald Mcdonald." Kalina said with a smile. I felt my irritation rising in me. Before i could respond Seth walked out. He looked horrible. His eyes had circles. His closed wrinkled. "I'm ready." He said briskly. He looked at me i could see him instantly relax. Kalina must have seen it to because she took his hand. He let her hand go but he didnt look back at me. "You still love him ?" Emily says breaking my stare. I decide not to lie. "Yes." I say quietly. "When he got married none of us thought it was right but we loved him and he was so broken you left." Emily says her eyes never leaving mine. "No one hated you though." Emily says. "We all understood why your left you wanted to give him a chance to leave." "You knew you were going to destroy him." "But Janaila things are different now your both different people but we all see that yall are meant to be." Emily says tears glistening in her eyes. "I knew Seth would make it through but i didnt know if you would." Emily says honestly. My heart ached with every truth Emily spoke. She understood. She forgave me along time ago. "When he came back from the party he was all you talked about Janaila." Emily said with a sad smile. "Kalina , is pushing him to have a baby but Seth refuses." Emily said looking me straight in the eye. "He married her because he didnt want to end up alone." Emily said sadness in every word. "Stop pushing each other away." Emily said pleading. "Either of you won't make if yall don't stop." Emily said soft tears falling down her cheeks. "Thank you." I say in a whisper. She looks at me and smiles. "Your welcome."


I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like i just stepped out of the seventies. I had on a lace top with lace bottoms. My hair was wild with little flowers placed throughout them. I had on my engagement ring. And a dream-catcher necklace Seth gave me years ago. I put on my earrings. My makeup is simple. Just golds and bronzes with a glossed lip. I pick up my white heels but don't put them on. I want to feel the warmth of the grass when i walk in it. I feel beautiful. I smile. "Perfection." Chance whispers to me. "Thank you." I say in a whisper. He takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. We walk hand and hand outside. I hear people laughing. I smile. Tonight is our last night at the resort. I look at Chance. My heart tugs as i think about when we get back to New york i need to let him go. I need to let him be happy. He needs to be truly loved. Tonight i will let him enjoy his night. I will laugh with him. I will give him sloppy kisses. We'll hold each other speaking not with words but with feelings into the morning. The ride home will be in silence but not a suffocating one but a beautiful one. Where words will only damage the moment. We'll get home and then i'll let him go. I know it won't be easy but we both need this. It feels like deja vu but i know i'm doing the right thing. We reach the party. Everyone is smiling laughing dancing eating. I clutch Chance's hand in happiness. He turns to me. His eyes are alite with happiness and pain. He let's go of my hand. Everything around me goes silent. I look to Chance but i'm met with Seth. He's on one knee. A beautiful sapphire box holding a beautiful ring. It was like an oval shape with beautiful cuts with diamonds placed in the middle of them. It was unique with a vintage touch to it. "Seth , what are you doing ?" I say barely being able to speak. "I want you to be in my life for the rest of my enternity Janaila." "I need you , i need you more than i i've ever needed anything else." "Please do me the honor of being my wife." Seth says tears running down his beautiful face. "What about Kalina ?" I say my words rushed. "Were getting a divorce i love her the same way you love Chance." "I need you it's always been you Janaila." Seth says in a pleading tone. I feel a warm hand touch my shoulder. "Be happy." Chance whispers to me. "Yes." I say not letting a second go by. Seth jumps to his feet sliding the ring on my finger before pressing his lips to mine. I hear claps and cheers. "Let's get married." Seth says. He takes my hand people move out of the way. My breathe is taken away. All the cullens and Pack are in a big circle. Carlisle and Sam are standing in the middle. Everyone's holding Candles. There's daisy's and Lillies on the ground. It's beautiful. "You want to marry me right now ?" I say shocked. Seth takes my face in his hands. "Yes." He says looking me straight in the eye. I smile and press a big kiss to his lips. Everyone laughs. I take a step forward but i'm stopped by a cool hand. I turn and my breathe is taken away. My mother is standing before me never more beautiful. "I missed you baby." She says hugging me. I hug her so tight i'm pretty sure i'm hurting her but niether of us care. "Let's get you married." She whispers to me. She takes my arm and them my other arm is taken by Lila who is waddling. She looks beautiful. She has on a light flowly yellow dress that makes her baby bump look even bigger. Lila is glowing. They walk me into the circle to an awaiting Seth. Carlisle speaks with love and happiness. Sam welcomes me back into the family. He says a special prayer from their tribe. Carlisle tells me and Seth to look at each other.


"Janaila , do you take Seth Clearwater to be your husband ?" Carlisle asks with an amused smile. "Yes." I say quickly. "Seth , do you take Janaila Michaels to be your wife ?" Sam asks also with an amused smile. "Yes." Seth says just as quickly. "Do yall promise to love each for enternity ?" Carlisle says more serious now. "Duh." I say. Everyone laughs. "Ditto." Seth says making everyone snicker. "We'll i am proud to pronounce you Husband and Wife." Carlisle says clapping. "You may now kiss your bride." Sam says giving Seth a pat on the back. "Before i know it Seth presses his lips to mine. It says everything all the hurt , pain , regret , years and love we endured only brought us to this point. We pull away and everyone looks at us and screams FINALLY !


An - Thank you for reading ! This has been an emotional story for me. I love this version of Seth and Janaila. There beautiful in there Flaws. There will be an Epilouge. I don't know when a new story will be starting for me. It may be tommoroe or next week. Maybe next year. But i'll always find my way back. But thanks again for taking precious moment's out of your life to read my baby. Mauh <3 !


Songs i wrote too -

Coldplay - Yellow


Daughter - Home


Lykke Li - Time flies


Lana Del Rey - The man i love


Beyonce - Heartbeat


No i do not own anything Twilight Related. But i do own Janaila Michaels and her story. So please dont STEAL ! Aha ( ; ... 

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