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What if it never happened-Chapter 3- The way things are right now

I looked around the kitchen. Everything was in it's place. The kitchen was what i called "Lived in." Lila would call old. I smiled and my tummy filled with sadness thinking about her. My eyes started stinging and i wanted to lay down in the bed and sleep. But i knew i couldnt do that. I had to much to do. I took a deep breathe and walked out of the kitchen. The living room was done too. All i had to worry about was my room now. I walked up the creaky stairs. I stopped and put my ear to my mother's room. It was silent. I didnt know what i was expecting to hear. But for some reason last night gave me hope. It wasnt much but it was there. I walked to my room and all i had set up was my bed and my dresses. I looked in the boxes unpacking everything slowly. The room started slowly looking like someone lived there. It didnt look like me. But maybe it did. When everything was unpacked I laid down on my bed staring at the white ceiling. I let the tears fall. One after another. I wiped my face and turned to my side to look at my clock. It was going on 5. I needed to go to the store and look for a job. I grabbed my sweater and put it on over my tank top. I grabbed my boots and purse and left. I grabbed the bag of clothes that i decided to sell to the thrift store. I left the air was cool and the earthy smell invaded my senses. I walked down the quiet street. I got into town in less than ten minutes. I could tell it was busy for forks. But even with that it still had a quietness almost stillness to it. I found the thrift store and walked in. There was an older woman with dull red hair behind the counter. She looked up at me with a soft smile. "Hello dear how may i help you?" She said in a soft tone. I smiled. "I'm here to sell some clothes." I said. She looked down at my bag and smiled. "We'll lets see." She said. 10 minutes later and $150.00 "richer" I was done in the thrift store and walking to the gorecey store. I walked into the small store. I grabbed things that would last awhile. I brought a book with a 190 recipes in it. I didnt know how to cook but i sure enough had to learn. I got to check out. I heard a beautiful giggle and then saw the person who i positive made that sound. She was beautiful. She had long brown with a tint of red hair like Edward's. She was tall and curvy. Her skin looked creamy and was the most prettiest shade of white. She was beautiful. She turned and she smiled. She looked just like Edward. But she had Bella's big brown eyes but her's were darker and looked more like chocolate. I looked away. They must have been related and some type of way because they resemblence was too striking. "Hey, I'm Renesmee you must be Janaila." She said in her bell like voice. I looked and saw she had a kind smile. "Yes." I said returning her smile. "You moved into my grandpa Charlie's house." She said smiling. It didnt make sense in my head. She must have sensed that because she spoke. "Bella and Edward adopted me." She said quickly. I nodded and it all made sense. But i really didnt believe it. "So, are you going to forks high school?" She said filling the silence. "Yes, what grade are you in?" I said. She smiled. "I'm a Sophomore." She said smiling. "Me too." I said. A man walked up and wrapped his arms around Renesmee. He was handsome. His skin was tan a russet gold color. He was built and tall. His hair was cut and dark black contrasting with his golden skin. He smiled.


"Hi, i'm Jacob Black you must be Janaila." He said with a deep but friendly voice. "Yes i just moved here." I said looking down at my gorcereys. "We'll i really should get going." I said. I looked at them. They seemed like they fit. Evan popped into my mind. "We'll i'll see you on monday." "You can eat lunch with us okay?" Renesmee said like a question. "Um, okay." I said with a quick smile. She smiled and waved. I checked out. The sky was getting darker. I took out my phone and saw it was going on 7. I walked to the book store. It was small but it felt comfy. I walked to the front counter. There was a man behind the counter. He looked to be in his early 20's he was cute. He smiled. "Did you bring me some peanutbutter cookies?" He said looking at all my bags. I smiled. "No, i'm sorry i didnt know i'll remember next time." His smile widened. "So what do you need?" He said. "We'll i was wondering if you were hiring?" I said quietly. He brought his hand to his chin and pretended like he was pondering. He smiled. "Have you ever had a job before?" He said more seriously now. "No, but i can work really hard." I said. He looked at me and it felt like he was looking for something. "It's quiet and we really dont do much." "The money isnt all that either." He said seriously. I shook my head. "Okay, is that it?" I said. He smiled and knodded. "Pretty much." He said. "Here fill this out." He said setting a paper on the counter. I set the bags on the counter. I looked up needing a pen and he had one waiting for me. I smiled. "So why do you want this job?" Kyle said whose name i just found out. "I need the money." I said swallowing the lump in my throat. It was quiet and Kyle looked at me again like he was looking for something. Then he smiled his easy going smile. "Your hired."


I got home. My bones ached and i wanted to take a hot bath and go to sleep. But i needed to cook dinner and get my clothes ready for school tommorow. I walked into the kitchen. I took everything out of the bags and put everything out that i needed. I decided to make spahgetti which would last for at least 3 days. I heated up water and put the noodles in the pot. I walked upstairs and walked to my mothers room. She was on her knee's in front of her bed. I could hear her sobs. "Come on mom." I said trying to get her back on the bed. But she wouldnt move and it felt like was pulling dead weight. "Please Mom get up." I said. My mom looked up at me and her eyes were red and puffy. She looked terrible. "They died, He left" She screamed. "It's okay." I said brushing back some of her hair. "They died, Heleft" She screamed again. "Mom, stop screaming." I said trying to pull her off of the floor. She pushed me away. She stood up and started screaming. I knew her screams would haunt me. "Mom, stop screaming." I said grabbing her. "He left, They died." She said in a piercing scream again. I grabbed my mom and tried to calm her down. She turned and looked at me. All i saw was pain. It broke my heart. "Mom calm down." I said. Brushing tears and sweat from her face. She looked at me and i saw that look like she was really seeing me. I took my chance. "Please mom." I said not only asking her to calm down but to come back. To be normal.  She moved her mouth but nothing came out. I helped her walk over to the bed. I laid her down and she curled back up into a fetal position. I knew whatever she was trying to say wasnt coming out tonight. I walked out of her room and walked back downstairs. I smelled something burning and i realized the spahgetti was burning. I ran into the kitchen turning off the stove. I fell to my knees letting the tears fall and the loneliness engulf me.



Okay, so this chapter was a tough one. I know you are probably wondering who "He" and "They" are. Please be patience it you will soon find out. Please comment. So, everything on here is copyrighted. All Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyers respectively. All my characters belong to me so please dont still them. Thanks for reading. Lovee yah<3


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