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What if it never happened-Chapter 4- First Day

I woke up on the floor. The kitchen was dark but i could see the sky was starting to lighten. I stood up my head throbbing and my body sore. I was exhausted but i knew i needed to start getting ready for school. I walked up the creaky stairs. I walked straight to my room not stopping to check on her. I walked into my room it was cool and had that old house smell. I looked at my clock and saw it was going on 5:30am. I grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom. I took a nice long hot shower relaxing myself. I walked back to my room the cool air giving me goosebumps. I decided to wear a navy green jacket with a black cami and black skirt. With some polka dot tights.I got dressed quickly. I walked to the bathroom combing my curly back and putting on a light pink bow. I kept my makeup simple and natural just wanting to have the tiredness not show. I grabbed my bag and boots. I stopped in front of her room. I opened it quietly her back was turned to me but i could tell she was asleep. The way her body laid she looked relaxed and almost peaceful. I looked at her for another few minutes and then walked downstairs. The sky was a clear blue but the sun wasnt out. I walked into the kitchen. I grabbed the bag and started making sandwhiches for her. I made 3 and put them in the refridgerator. I put three waters in there and some fruit. I knew she wasnt going to eat it all but i still made it for her just in case. I looked at my phone and saw i still had an half an hour left. I grabbed my bag and left. The air was cool and crisp. I walked around the house and saw the dark woods. I knew i wasnt normal because a normal person wouldnt have wanted to do into a dark forest but for some reason i had this strange urge too. I grabbed my phone and set my bag down on the back porch. I walked slowly to the forest. It was quiet but inviting. I walked deeper and deeper until the sky was only in little pieces above the dark green trees. It was beautiful. I closed my eyes breathing the deep cool earthy smell. I heard a rustling and my stomach flipped a little bit. Then i saw a big tan creature run through the trees. It was huge and didnt look normal. I stood there listening to it's footsteps until i couldnt hear the rustling of the footsteps. It didnt work in my mind. I was trying to piece everything together. My phone vibrated and it was a text from Lila. I looked down at my phone and saw i had 10 minutes to get to school. I ran out of the forest only stopping briefly to grab my bag. I ran and ran until i reached the small school. I knocked into someone and i fell to the ground. "Are you okay?" I heard a deep but still young for ask me. I looked up and i thought i was in heaven. He was beautiful but still very masculine. I had never seen anyone so beautiful as him.


"Do you need the nurse?" The man asked with worry and concern in his beautiful features. I just stared like the weirdo i am. "I'm going to go get the nurse." He said standing up. "No," I said a bit too loudly. The man looked down at me with the concern that now looked like panic. "Are you sure?" "How many fingers am i holding up?" He said sticking his hand in my face. "9" I said quietly. He smiled which made my whole body feel like butterflies were everywhere inside me. I smiled back. I sat up slowly the man bent down coming to eye level with me. It felt like my heart was beating a mile a minute. The man could probably hear it. "I'm Seth Clearwaters." He said with another beautiful smile. He was looking at me and it felt like he looking into me and beyond me. "I'm Janaila Michaels." I said returning to the smile. His smile widened. "Your the new girl." He said. I nodded. The late bell rang. I stood up and everything was dizzy for a minute. "Are you sure your okay?" Seth said with worry seeping back in his beautiful features. "Yes, " I said trying to sound sure. "Let me walk you to class, it would make me feel better." He said. I knodded before my mind could process. I took out my schedule and handed it to him. He looked at it quickly and handed it back to me. His hand touched mine quickly it felt like i was going to explode. He was looking down at his hand and i was pretty sure he could feel it too. He looked up and me and something flashed in his eye. He cleared his throat and looked away quickly. We started walking. "So, you moved from New York?" He said filling the silence. "Yes, how did you know that?" I said stealing a quick glance up at him. "Small town news travels fast." He said with a shy smile. I smiled and nodded. "So, why would you moved to Forks washington the town of sleep from New york City the town that's always moving?" He said with a geniune interest. If it was anyone else i would have been a little bit offended that they were being so nosey. For him i felt different. He made me want to tell him my deepest darkest secrets. "We needed to make a change." I said quietly. I felt his eyes on me and i looked up. We stopped and it seemed like we were getting closer. He spoke first breaking the moment. "Here's your class." He gracing me with another smile.


My classes were easy and i had memorized my way around. It was lunch time and i found myself looking for Seth. "Janaila." I heard Renesmee call me. She looked beautiful and right by her side was Jake. I smiled and walked over to them. We all sat down. "So, how's your first day going?" She said smiling. "Um, it's okay everyone is really nice." I said smiling. "Thanks Jake for saving me an Orange." I heard a voice say behind me i knew i wouldnt forget say. I turned around slowly and it was like time had stopped again. Seth was looking at me and he had that look again like was looking in me and beyond me seeing things about myself that i couldnt see. "Sorry Seth they only had one this time." Jake said. I turned away from Seth looking at my tray. Seth sat down and i could feel the Warthm of his body and his sweet but almost bitter masculine scent invade my senses. "Janaila?" Renesmee said taking me from my own mind. I looked up and she was smiling. "Did you hear me i said have you met any cute bachelors?" She said. I smiled and wanted to look to my right. I felt his eyes on and me and it felt like he was burning a hole through my cheek. "No." I said. "We'll it's only the first day and your really pretty so i'm betting your going to have guys at your feet in no time." Renesmee said with a sure smile. I smiled really liking her she reminded me of Lila in a way. We talked the rest of lunch and she told me her and Jake had just started dating. They looked so in love. My phone vibrated and i saw it was a message from Evan. My stomach dropped and i realized i felt guilty. I dont know what for we were dating but i still felt bad. I opened the text and the guilt started to add up.


"I miss you hope your having a good day. Call me later.


I closed my phone and turned to my right meeting the eyes of Seth. He didnt look away and niether did i. I felt a mix of emotions. I wanted him to smile. I wanted him to touch my hand again. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to laugh so i could laugh with him. I wanted him to love me.  But then i wanted him to look at me and take pity. I wanted him to be ashamed to be with me. I wanted him to find happiness in someone else. I wanted him to be selfish. I wanted him to Hate me.




Seth's Pov-

I looked at Jake and Renesmee. They both stared back at  slow smile spread across my face. I spoke slowly. "I love her." I said slowly. "I imprinted."

 me. A

An- Thank youu lovess for reading and taking the time to show a little bit of intesert. Please Please Please comment. I love feedback good or bad.

Songs i used for this chapter

Florence and the machine

Breathe of life

Heavy in your arms

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